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Business to KnowLocal Denver entrepreneur and co-founder of Winter Session, Tanya Fleisher, shares her favorite spots around Denver, Colorado. She recommends Stowaway Coffee & Kitchen, Central Market, Union Station, and the Clyfford Still Museum as local musts in the Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide.

Denver, Colorado

Winter Session

"Beautiful, handcrafted waxed canvas and leather goods."

Topo Designs
Craft Boner
My Favourite Colour Studio

Winter Session

"Beautiful, handcrafted waxed canvas and leather goods."

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Denver, Colorado
 Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher, Co-Owners

Our Story

"We lived as architects in Mumbai. It was this huge, chaotic city where nothing went as planned. India signified a shift and change for us, and that’s something we’ve learned to embrace in life and in running a business. Now, we’re able to not cling to expectations. Just being able to take what comes and to not really expect that anything will turn out like you think it will, and to relax into that. That’s one of the things we celebrate most about how we work, is that flexibility that we learned during our time abroad. 

Living in India helped us break down boundaries and certain fears and insecurities 

that come when you’re forced to be in a culture that’s so different from yours. It changed our lives completely, and so deeply."

My Favorite Winter Session Product

"We make products that work well, but are refined and have a certain beauty and harmony to them. Our Garrison Bag is our forever favorite. I think it’s because we’ve seen what a broad audience it appeals to. It’s lived up to its universal functionality just as we’d hoped. It’ll always be an inspiring product to us because it was our first one, and it’s lasted the longest."

What I Love Most About Denver

"I love the collaborative spirit here. People want to be active and connect with each other, and that keeps this optimistic and exciting perspective. That collaborative spirit shows up in every area of the city, from the restaurants to the small business community, to the amazing street art and murals."

My Denver Musts

"Our go-to is Stowaway Coffee & Kitchen. We'd take people there, or to Central Market or to Union Station. If you're into art and design, head to the Clyfford Still Museum." 


Winter Session


Winter Session
Tanya Fleisher
Winter Session
Topo Designs
"It's about finding something you love and putting a lot of work into it."
Craft Boner
"Kiwi is hilarious, and everyone needs to buy her stuff!"
My Favourite Colour Studio
"Work made by Denver's kindest and most talented art teacher duo."
Winter Session
"Beautiful, handcrafted waxed canvas and leather goods."

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