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Business to KnowLocal Denver entrepreneur and co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please, Matt Fiedler, shares his favorite spots around Denver, Colorado. He recommends Snooze, The Buff, Avery Brewing, Uncle Ramen, and a show at Red Rocks as local musts in the Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide.

Denver, Colorado

Vinyl Me, Please

"A record of the month club."

The Buff
Avery Brewing Co.
Uncle Ramen
Red Rocks

Vinyl Me, Please

"A record of the month club."

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Denver, Colorado
A man smiles while holding a vinyl record in Denver.
Matt Fiedler, Co-Founder, Vinyl Me, Please

My Story

"Music defines me. I was exposed to it at a really young age. My dad had a cover band - you know, one of those dad bands that play awesome covers. They practiced in our basement. I'd be running around, dancing to their band practices in my diaper. 

I taught myself how to play drums by listening to Sheryl Crow, and had a band all throughout high school and college. I went to college in Nashville, specifically to study music. I guess music is just this thing that's been ever-present in my life. I have certain records and songs that are tentpoles in my life - you can look at my record collection and get a sense of who I am as a person. That's unique. There aren't other art forms that you can really do that with. 

I've always been passionate about pursuing music, one way or another." 

A close up of a red vinyl record at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver.
Wall art at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver.

What I Love Most about Denver

"I came out here from Chicago, where there's a churn-and-burn lifestyle. You work hard during the day, go to the bar and night, and then repeat it all over again. We came to Denver to grow Vinyl Me, Please. The weather here is amazing, and the lifestyle - the work life balance - is perfect. You work for most of the day, and at night you can go home for a bike ride or a run, or to a brewery with friends. Then on weekends, you're doing things outside. It's a really healthy lifestyle, and such a nice change from Chicago." 

The Fugees album at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver.
Another album sits on a desk at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver.

My Denver Musts

"It'd be breakfast at Snooze in Denver or The Buff in Boulder. Then beers at Avery Brewing and dinner at Uncle. Of course, you've got to catch a show at Red Rocks because there’s no better place to see live music on earth."

A table is filled with vinyls and books at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver
A Kevin Morby album sits on the wall at Vinyl Me, Please. Type image caption here (optional)

Denver Company

"Topo Designs has mastered the mountain vibe, mixed with the casualness of Denver. They're a company we look up to a lot, as a representation of the area and the people that make-up this city."

A man is about to play a record at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver.

My Local Listen

"Tennis is an awesome band out of Denver. Their latest record ‘Yours Conditionally’ is an amazing. They put it out themselves. They encapsulates what Denver and Colorado stands for from a music perspective." 


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Vinyl Me, Please


Vinyl Me, Please
Matt Fiedler
Vinyl Me, Please
"A Saturday morning brunch that's worth staying in on a Friday night for."
The Buff
"A Boulder institution for a reason."
Avery Brewing Co.
"I"m a huge beer guy and Avery is one of my favorites."
Uncle Ramen
"It's a dope spot."
Red Rocks
"There's no better place on earth to watch live music."
Vinyl Me, Please
"A record of the month club."

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