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Band to KnowLocal Denver Band, Trout Steak Revival, share their favorite spots around Denver, Colorado. They recommend seeing a concert at Red Rocks and The Bucksnort Saloon as local musts in the Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide.

Denver, Colorado

Trout Steak Revival

"Colorado bluegrass."

Red Rocks

Trout Steak Revival

"Colorado bluegrass."

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Denver, Colorado
Travis McNamara, banjo for Trout Steak Revival

Our Story

"I feel like we’re pretty lucky in that we all started out as friends and became a band together. 

At the start, we'd play music for free beer, for our friends. We were new and just learning our instruments. We loved the music, but we weren’t really that good. And it was kind of nice to be in an environment like that, where we were all sort of learning together. 

We gave ourselves a lot of room to make mistakes and to try to remember that the reason that we got into this was to have fun. To get together on the weekends after a long week of work and to play music together was this big source of joy for everyone.

Choosing to do something that you really love — that’s sustaining beyond money or immediate success — is big. 

Today, I get to travel the country with my best friends and I still feel excited about this and am so in love with it all."

My Advice for Other Musicians

"Stay together. There are things that will try to tear you apart as a band, so keep your relationship first. Check in with everybody, all the time. Make sure that people are creatively satisfied and happy. You've all got to stay happy and healthy, because if you break up, that’s kind of the end of the dream there."

Trout Steak Revival - Travis, Casey, Bevin, Will and Steve - at practice

What I Love Most About Denver

"I love everything that brought me here in the first place. The sun is always shining, we hike and play music together and the people are just so and friendly. Denver's got a relaxed vibe unlike any other place in the country." 

My Denver Musts

"Red Rocks is one of the most iconic music places in the country, and it's just in our backyard! And The Bucksnort Saloon in Sphinx Park is this old, gutted cabin with music and food that's one of my favorite places in all of Colorado."

Trout Steak's Music


My Denver Listen

"There are so many bands in our bluegrass genre in Colorado that are filled with our friends who are making great music. The Railsplitters are tour-mates of ours. Dusty Rider who's their lead is an amazing banjo player."


Trout Steak Revival


Trout Steak Revival
Travis McNamara
Trout Steak Revival
Red Rocks
"There's no better place on earth to watch live music."
Trout Steak Revival
"Colorado bluegrass."

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