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Business to KnowLocal San Francisco entrepreneur and co-founder of The Hustle, Sam Parr, shares his favorite spots around San Francisco, California. He recommends checking out Twin Peaks, mussels at Chez Maman, and dinner at Caffe Macaroni as local musts in the Dirt Road Travels' San Francisco city guide.

San Francisco, California

The Hustle

"I got on my motorcycle and rode across the country to the other ocean, to South Carolina."

Surf Pacifica Beach
Chez Maman
Caffè Macaroni

The Hustle

"I got on my motorcycle and rode across the country to the other ocean, to South Carolina."

Recommended by:
Sam Parr, Co-Founder, The Hustle

My Story

"I sold a business I co-founded and wasn't sure what to do next. I needed some time to reflect and think about what to do next, so I got on my motorcycle and rode towards the other ocean. I spent around sixty days traveling, riding all over the country and meeting all types of people. I was on my own, exploring the country.

One of the reasons I didn't travel as much as I wanted to in my early 20’s was because I was scared of getting left behind. I didn’t want to miss any opportunities and thought I’d get left behind.

But during my motorcycle trip I realized that opportunities are like buses. They’re always coming and going, so if you miss one there will always be another.

So I don't really get FOMO when it comes to missing opportunities anymore. I know there are many out there and I can always make my own."

My Advice for Others

"I think that too many people put their heroes or other folks who they consider 'successful' on a pedestal. They think that successful people don't have the same emotions, or drawbacks, or excuses as they do. But they do. It's very easy to say, 'Oh, this person's much smarter than me, or doesn’t look like me or has more experience, so I shouldn’t even bother trying.'

And I just want people to know that while some people may start off with an advantage, everyone has the same doubt, the same excuses and similar limitations.

People don't realize that successful people (whether that’s in business, art, or anything else) are normal folks who just started and followed through. It's a lot of work and talent does matter, but it's a pretty level playing field, relatively speaking, and there’s opportunity for anyone to win.

I believe that if anyone has accomplished something that you want to one day do, then physics dictates that you can do that too, and that’s all that matters."  

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What I Love Most about San Francisco

"The opportunity and willingness of the average Joe to try something new. I moved to San Francisco with about $1,000. I didn't have a lot, I've got a little more now.

There are so many opportunities in this city because people are willing to try new things and are willing to believe in someone with an idea who works hard and takes risks.

Most cities aren’t like that, or at least not as much as San Francisco."

My San Francisco Musts

"I"m a huge fan of scenery and beautiful views. I’d send people to Twin Peaks to learn the outlay of San Francisco. Otherwise, I ride motorcycles a lot and I like to ride along Ocean Beach starting at the Cliff House and take that all the way down to Pacifica and ending at the Taco Bell that’s literally in the sand at Pacific State Beach.

For food, I'd send people to either Chez Maman for an amazing mussel dish with cream and bacon and french fries or to Caffè Macaroni in North Beach, which is a small Italian place with crazy good gnocchi in cream sauce where you can sit outside and watch people walking around.

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The Hustle


The Hustle
Sam Parr
The Hustle
San Francisco
Surf Pacifica Beach
"A good beginner's spot."
Chez Maman
"They have this amazing mussel dish with cream and bacon."
Caffè Macaroni
"A small Italian place with crazy good gnocchi in cream sauce."
The Hustle
"I got on my motorcycle and rode across the country to the other ocean, to South Carolina."

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