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Business to KnowLocal Denver entrepreneur and co-founder of The Real Dill, Justin Park, shares his favorite spots around Denver, Colorado. He recommends Onefold for breakfast, El Taco de Mexico for lunch, and Work & Class for dinner as local musts in the Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide.

Denver, Colorado

The Real Dill

"Handmade pickles and bloody mary mix, made by a team that won't compromise on quality. Ever."

El Taco De Mexico
Work & Class
Red Rocks

The Real Dill

"Handmade pickles and bloody mary mix, made by a team that won't compromise on quality. Ever."

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Denver, Colorado
Co Founders of the Real Dill hold pickle jars in Denver.
Justin and Tyler, Owners, The Real Dill

Our Story

"My co-founder Tyler and I spent two years in our spare time developing an identity for the company, perfecting our craft and working on recipes. We secretly thought at some point we'd lose interest and move onto something else. Instead, we kept getting more and more excited. We went into it being realistic and we know that most businesses fail. We thought we'd fail, and just assumed it would have been worthwhile and would lead to something more permanent. 

We had no idea what we were doing. 

That we're still here having fun doing what we're doing is pretty awesome. I'm proud. I think we make the best product of its kind. There's an unbelievable amount of love and care that goes into making each jar, and we take a lot of pride in knowing people are enjoying them."

What I Love Most About Denver

"There's a culture of creativity and uniqueness and authenticity in this city, where everyone is who they are and not afraid to be who they are. There's a ton of authenticity and genuineness, both to the people and to the creative scene. This community has been so supportive. People are here because it's where they choose to live their life. It allows them to pursue the things they’re interested in. We appreciate the things in life that really matter, whether that’s spending time with family, balance, nature, culture and the arts. You don't get that everywhere else; there are pressures in other cities, or the culture isn't such that those things are priorities." 

My Denver Musts

"If I'm hosting, it's always centered around food and meals. I'd say Onefold for breakfast, El Taco De Mexico for lunch and Work & Class for dinner. The one thing that's can't miss - more than any other - is a show at Red Rocks. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that never gets old. I always find myself looking around in complete awe, like it's my first concert all over again." 

My Favorite The Real Dill Product

"Our Thai Chile Ginger Pickles, because they're really big, bold and have an awesome depth of flavor."


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The Real Dill


The Real Dill
Justin Park
The Real Dill
"Onefold is as good as it gets."
El Taco De Mexico
"Just about the most consistenly recommended spot in Denver."
Work & Class
A square meal and a stiff drink at a fair price.
Red Rocks
"There's no better place on earth to watch live music."
The Real Dill
"Handmade pickles and bloody mary mix, made by a team that won't compromise on quality. Ever."

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