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Band to KnowBen Morrison, lead singer of the band The Brothers Comatose, shares his story of starting the bluegrass group, his lessons learned, advice for other musicians and where he loves to hang out, eat and drink in San Francisco, California as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for San Francisco.

San Francisco, California

The Brothers Comatose

"There were always musicians that would jam around our house, and that's where it all started for us."

Walk the Haight
Golden Gate Park
Trouble Coffee

The Brothers Comatose

"There were always musicians that would jam around our house, and that's where it all started for us."

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Ben Morrison, The Brothers Comatose, Photo by Little Green Eyes

Our Story

"Our mom was in a folk band and they used to rehearse at our house when Alex, my brother who plays banjo in the band, and I were little kids. We would just sit there and soak it all in. Our mom always had musician friends that would come over and jam, so I think that's where it all started for us, this love of music. We really had no choice after that."


My Advice for Others

"My advice for those starting a band or struggling with being in a band is stick with it, don't break up. Being in a band can be difficult and the financial rewards aren’t always there, but it's the most fun and rewarding thing I can imagine doing. Also, never turn down a gig, at least when you’re getting started. You have to take those opportunities to get out in front of as many people as you can because nothing replaces experience. Oh, and always remember to have fun."


What I Love Most about San Francisco

"San Francisco's a beautiful city and there's lots to love about it. The things that stick out the most for me are the musical history, the architecture, the weather and how close everything is to each other.

Overall, it's a city for the weirdos. San Francisco has always been this haven for social outcasts, like artists and musicians and hippies and street kids and punks.

It’s a place where you can be accepted by anybody because everybody pushes the envelope. 

It's a city where anything goes and people can just let their freak flag fly."

My San Francisco Musts

"Alex and I lived in a house right on Haight Street, which is famous for the Grateful Dead and all those others back in the day. The hippy ethos still lives on in the bubble around Haight Street and the Golden Gate Park. If you walk down the street there, get offered weed and all sorts of psychedelic drugs, all the time. So buy weed off some sketchy dude and then go into Golden Gate Park to Hippy Hill and hang out in the drum circle for a while, just to watch what’s going on. 

Gregory Alan Isakov The California Honeydrops Fruition

Or head to Trouble Coffee out by Ocean Beach. They’ve got the most expensive toast you’ll ever buy, but it’s the best damn toast you’ll ever have."


My San Francisco Listen

"I love The Sam Chase and the T Sisters. They are both awesome local bands doing great things out in the world. "


The Brothers Comatose


The Brothers Comatose
Ben Morrison
The Brothers Comatose
San Francisco
Walk the Haight
"A little bubble where the hippy ethos still lives on."
Golden Gate Park
"The hippy ethos still lives on in that bubble around Golden Gate Park."
Trouble Coffee
"They've got the most expensive toast you'll ever buy, but it's the best thing you'll ever have."
The Brothers Comatose
"There were always musicians that would jam around our house, and that's where it all started for us."

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