RecommendationThe team at Four Barrel in San Francisco recommends grabbing a coffee at Stoked Coffee in Ventura, California as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Ventura.

Ventura, California

Stoked Coffee Co.

"We started putting pen to paper and slowly our dreams became a reality."

Beach House Tacos
Spencer Makenzie's
Topa Topa Brewing Company

Stoked Coffee Co.

"We started putting pen to paper and slowly our dreams became a reality."

"A great new spot with an incredible beer list."
Recommended by:
Aaron Duncan
Co-Owner, Fluid State
Recommended in:
Ventura, California

Aaron's Take

"Cammy and Aubrey at Stoked Coffee Co. are doing incredible things. They are young girls who just opened up the shop and it has been great." 

Aubrey Rasmussen, Co-Owner, Stoked Coffee

My Story

"I've been working in coffee since I was 15. Cammy, my co-founder, and I both had jobs in coffee where we were working our butts off for other people, and we kinda just starting thinking and talking for fun a little bit about, 'Oh, should we do this? Should we open up our own shop?'

Then we kinda started putting pen to paper and slowly our dreams became a reality. 
Cammy and Aubrey, Owners, Stoked Coffee

We took a trip to Europe together and did a lot of research and development for how we wanted our place to feel. 

The coffee scene in LA, Portland and San Francisco are all cool, but it's not us. It's not Ventura. Like, LA doesn't belong in Ventura and Ventura doesn't belong in LA.

We wanted the shop to feel a lot like us. Not like we were trying to be trendy or vibey, we just wanted it to feel like us. 

Cami is super girly girly, she loves like Free People and Anthropology and I've got more of a skater, flannel style. To marry the two is kinda weird, but we did it, and we pulled it off.

We knew it’d be like a year of sacrifice and perseverance and it's only just begun. Still, I'm super stoked we did it."
Aubrey and Cammy

What I Love Most about Ventura

"Ventura is a city, but not quite like others. It still has its small-town quirks, but it's not a super small town, which means there's a lot of potential for growth and new businesses."

Prospect Coffee Beacon Coffee Topa Topa Brewing

My Ventura Musts

Audrey, Co-Owner

"I would say Beach House Tacos on the pier, their food’s really good. Or Spencer Mackenzie’s and then grabbing a beer at Topa Topa or MadeWest.

Otherwise, there's a coffee shop in Carpinteria called Lucky Llama, and that place is really rad. Rincon Brewery is great, and they have a burger with sweet potato fries thats out of this world. Casa Don Roge is a hole-in-the-wall for tacos next to a 7-Eleven, and that's a delicious little street taco place."

Stoked Coffee Co.


Stoked Coffee Co.
Aubrey Rasmussen
Stoked Coffee Co.
Beach House Tacos
"Tacos right on the beach."
Spencer Makenzie's
"A great spot for a taco after a surf session at C Street."
Topa Topa Brewing Company
"Topa Topa is amazing."
Stoked Coffee Co.
"We started putting pen to paper and slowly our dreams became a reality."

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