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Local MustDirt Road Travels exists to showcase people like Jason and breweries like Solera Brewery. If you're even within a few hours of Parkdale or Hood River, drive over to the brewery, drink a beer, take in the sunset and make new friends. It's part of the Dirt Road Travels digital city guide for Hood River.

Hood River, Oregon

Solera Brewery

"We're adamant about staying small."

Lake Taco
Analemma Winery

Solera Brewery

"We're adamant about staying small."

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Hood River, Oregon
Jason Kahler, Owner, Solera Brewery

My Story

“We’re not looking to get big. We’re adamant about staying small - mom and pop - servicing our local community of about two hundred people that live in this town. We just want to be a little tiny thing that can be creative.

It’s quality of life, mainly. 

I’m not gonna get rich. Maybe I’ll be able to retire someday. But it’s not about money. 

It’s about the people that come in, and it’s about the beers.

Mount Hood from Solera Brewery

There used to be a brewery in this building called Elliot Glacier Public House. It closed, and there were two years in between that and when we opened Solera.

There are so many people in this valley, and that was a community place to go. During those years, there were people that I did not see that I used to see two to three times a week. For two years, I just didn’t see them. 

Then, opening this place back up, it was just like flipping the switch and all of a sudden people were back together and everyone was hanging out and communicating and bull shitting. That’s the idea behind this. It’s a community hall.

There’s only one beer that we make year around, and it’s our IPA. You have to have an IPA.Other than that, it’s generally one and done. When it’s gone, it’s gone and it doesn’t come back. 

I’ve worked for several breweries of various sizes. I used to make the same beer over and over and it’s just factory work. There’s a place for a mass produced, consistently made beer, but there’s little creativity involved."

Best Advice I’ve Received

"The World Famous Horse Brass Pub in Portland played a major role in the craft beer revolution. Publican Don Younger would say 'It’s not about the beer, it’s about the beer.' It’s about the people and the community.

When I walk out of that room when I’m done brewin’ and the place is full of people just sitting at the bar, laughing, having a good time, rappin’. That’s what really pulls at my heart strings. I get excited about that."

My Hood River Musts

"Analemma Winery is one of my favorite places to go. The unique, small batch wines, the beautiful setting and the people make this a must for anyone visiting Hood River. After that, get an amazing meal at Lake Taco, you won't be disappointed."

More from Solera

Solera Brewery


Solera Brewery
Jason Kahler
Solera Brewery
Hood River
Lake Taco
"You will not be disappointed."
Analemma Winery
"Unique, small batch wines in a beautiful setting."
Solera Brewery
"We're adamant about staying small."

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