RecommendationEdouardo Jordan shares the story of launching his restaurants Salare and what he loves most about Seattle, WA and where to eat and drink in town as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Seattle.

Seattle, Washington

Salare Restaurant

"A homestyle take on high scale Italian."

Holy Mountain Brewing
Cloudburst Brewing
Single Shot
The Walrus and The Carpenter

Salare Restaurant

"A homestyle take on high scale Italian."

"Seattle's best IPAs."
Recommended by:
Steve Luke
Founder, Cloudburst Brewing
Recommended in:
Seattle, Washington

Steve's Take

"My favorite restaurant in Seattle is Salare. It's by this chef Edouardo Jordan, who has just been busting his ass in the industry for quite some time and really has a great take. It's one it's one of those things that's similar to brewing, where you're classically trained and then once you have such solid fundamentals you get to really get creative with locally sourced ingredients and preparation and flavor combinations, and he's doing it. Salare is so great."

Edouardo Jordan sits and talks about life in Seattle.

My Story (Edouardo)

"30 years ago, my mom and my grandma put me in their kitchen to cook. Just seeing the looks on my family's faces when they got a good meal hooked me. The look on my mom and pop's faces when I cooked for them...just seeing that joy." 

The interior of Salare in Seattle.
The interior tables and chairs at Salare in Seattle.
A lamp sits next to a flower vase at Salare in Seattle.
Bottles of wine at Salare in Seattle.

My Recommended Salare Order

"Our Corzetti Pasta is symbolic for many reasons. It's a peasant dish in Italy, pretty much made with flour and water. The peasant's didn't have the luxury of making enriched pasta with egg, milk, and oil, so it was just a simple dough. They'd take a crescent stamp that was hand carved or given to them, and it represented their family, and they pressed the pasta out with that stamp. When I went to Italy to learn about making salumi and pasta, I stayed with a family that was known for their pasta and meats. The father gave me a Corzetti stamp, and that stamp was so special to me; no one else would have that symbol on their stamp. It's our logo now. That stamp is part of our symbol and that's one of the pastas we always have on the menu. We change it with the seasons." 

A pasta dish at Salare in Seattle.
The Corzetti stamp and logo of Edouardo Jordan's Salare in Seattle.
A chef prepares a meal in a kitchen at Salare in Seattle.

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A chef prepares a meal in a kitchen at Salare in Seattle.
Edouardo Jordan laughs and talks about the early days in Salare at Saettle.

What I Love Most about Seattle

"It's a land of opportunity. There's a bounty of fruit and produce and seafood here, so this city has really touched me deeper than any other. Seattle gave me the opportunity to open and run my own business and has such great resources."

A seasonal dish at Salare in Seattle.

My Local Musts

"When my friends come to town, we're having drinks. You've got to stop off in a brewery, like Holy Mountain or Cloudburst. They're just good people, beyond having some of the best beer in the country, right here in Seattle. So that's pretty damn awesome.

I do have a local bar here in Raveena, which is the area where my restaurants are, called Toronado. It's 40 craft beers on tap, a cool little spot and one of my favorite burgers is there. Single Shot on Capitol Hill is a real quaint and simple bar with good food. They have clean, craft cocktails. Otherwise, Wataru is right next door and has some of the best sushi in town."

Edouardo Jordan smiles at Salare in Seattle.

Salare Restaurant


Salare Restaurant
Edouardo Jordan
Salare Restaurant
Holy Mountain Brewing
"I could drink, like, 10 of their Wit beers."
Cloudburst Brewing
"Seattle's best IPAs."
"It's got one of my favorite burgers in all of Seattle."
Single Shot
"A real quaint and simple bar with good food."
"It's some of the best sushi in town."
"Every bite was better than the last. Truly."
The Walrus and The Carpenter
"A line out the door before open at 4 on a Wednesday."
"The pizza's delicious."
Salare Restaurant
"A homestyle take on high scale Italian."

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