RecommendationRose Marcario recommends drinking coffee at Prospect Roasters as her 'Ventura Must' as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Ventura and Prospect Coffee's owner Derek Ulrich shares his story about launching the business, his advice for other entrepreneurs and the best spots to eat and drink in Ventura and Los Angeles.

Ventura, California

Prospect Coffee Roasters

"A great spot to hit for a good cup of coffee."

Stoked Coffee Co.
Harvest Cafe
Taqueria Tepatitlan

Prospect Coffee Roasters

"A great spot to hit for a good cup of coffee."

"We act locally wherever we are."
Recommended by:
Rose Marcario, CEO
Recommended in:
Ventura, California

Rose's Take

"Propect Roasters is a great spot to hit for a good cup of coffee."

‍Blake Ulrich, Co-Owner of Prospect Roasters

My Story (Blake)

"Coffee was a hobby that turned into a passion. My brother Derek and I built Prospect, but we didn't really have a coffee background before launching it.

So we had to learn. 

We would buy 50 lbs of coffee at a time, all from different origins and roasting processes, just to understand how it all functioned. We spent about a year doing that in our garage, learning and building out the brand before opening the shop."

My Advice for Others

"I think a lot of people are naturally risk averse, and starting a business can seem pretty daunting. Not only the time it takes, but the money and financial investment can also be extreme. But I don't think that should dissuade somebody from really doing it.

It takes time and it takes a lot, a lot of effort. 

But if you’ve done your due diligence and you’ve written your business plan and you see that it can be viable, ultimately you’ll be rewarded.

I also think there are a lot of common beliefs in the business world that are antiquated, especially for smaller cities like Ventura

Stoked Coffee Beacon Coffee Harvest Cafe

Things like, 'You have to be downtown so you can be by the foot traffic.' When we were trying to build Prospect, people would say, 'You're kind of off the beaten path, what are you doing?'

But I don't think that's as applicable today. 

As long as you're authentic, you've done the legwork and put in the effort, people will buy into that."

What I Love Most about Ventura

"Ventura's laid back. It's accessible and Los Angeles, Ojai and Santa Barbara aren't too far away. It's an affordable, great town."

My Ventura Musts

"Topa Topa Brewing Company is great for beers and Taqueria Tepatitlan is also awesome."

Prospect Coffee Roasters


Prospect Coffee Roasters
Blake Ulrich
Prospect Coffee Roasters
Stoked Coffee Co.
"We started putting pen to paper and slowly our dreams became a reality."
Harvest Cafe
"It's a delicious, rad spot."
Taqueria Tepatitlan
"An amazing family owned spot with monster portions on the Avenue."
Prospect Coffee Roasters
"A great spot to hit for a good cup of coffee."

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