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Business to KnowPatagonia's CEO Rose Marcario shares her story, advice for others and where she loves to eat, drink and hike in Ventura, California as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Ventura.

Ventura, California


"We act locally wherever we are."

Visit Ventura Beach
Channel Islands National Park
Prospect Coffee Roasters
Ventura Coast Brewing
Topa Topa Brewing Company
Beach House Tacos
MadeWest Brewing Company


"We act locally wherever we are."

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Ventura, California
Rose Marcario, CEO, Patagonia. Photo: Tomasso Mei

Patagonia's Story

"We always act locally wherever we are, even now when we're in multiple countries across the globe. We always have a close local connection with the communities we're in and with the environmental protection issues in those communities. 

In our own backyard in Ventura, we're supporting taking out the Matilija Dam, so that we can see the river restored. All of our grant-making and all of our work is about environmental activism and protecting and conserving wild places.

Corporations have to stand for something. Grassroots environmental activism has always been a part of Patagonia's DNA, to protect these places that we love.

We fund those who can speak for a place that doesn't have a voice, and we're going to keep doing it because we need that now more than ever."


My Advice for Others

"You have to define what you want. For me, it happened later in my life. I'm hoping it happens sooner for people these days, that they realize it's really important to have your life and your work and your values be in sync because it's when you're the most empowered and effective. I think that's when you're living the most fulfilling life. 

The lesson that I learned from just focusing on the things that were the most important to me came in figuring out how to find work that was really aligned with my values, and now I have it all. 

I have my life, my values and my work and they're completely integrated and they're all one. I can't imagine living any other way."

Role of Travel

"For me travel was really important. I had always been racing through my career to the next achievement or the next title and it was really good for me to just take a break, assess where I had been, think about the future and imagine and create a vision of what I wanted my work and my life to be.

I do think travel and taking a break and experiencing other cultures and experiencing new places helps to energize a new vision for yourself. 

That was important to me and my life. I think reflection time is underrated, and that we need a lot more of it!"

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Best Advice I've Received

"It's a quote from Maya Angelou that has really proven true in my life, and that's that, 

'You should cultivate courage because courage is the virtue that you need to cultivate all the other virtues.'

I do think that you should cultivate courage. It's the quality that you need to take a risk, to try something new, and to get out of your comfort zone. It's a good quality to have."


What I Love Most about Ventura

"Ventura has the best sunsets and beach, for sure. There are all kinds of activities to do here. I personally love to kayak, and there are tons of surfing and kiting and biking options along the coast or up to Ojai."  


My Ventura Musts

"Start your day at the beach or go kayaking through the marina. There's usually some wildlife to see there, like a seal or two and some dolphins. If you really want to go out, head to Channel Islands National Park, which is a boat ride away. It's wonderful for watching wildlife and you can hike, you can snorkel and get away from the crowds in town in a beautiful national park.

In Ventura, Prospect Roasters is a great spot to hit for a good cup of coffee. Topa Topa Brewery is amazing, Leashless Brewery is great and Ventura Coast Brewery and MadeWest are also good.

For dinner, I'd say head to Beach House Tacos on the pier. That's always a hit spot for out-of-towners."




Rose Marcario, CEO
Visit Ventura Beach
"If you're lucky, you might see some dolphins."
Channel Islands National Park
"A park that's wonderful for hiking and snorkeling."
Prospect Coffee Roasters
"A great spot to hit for a good cup of coffee."
Ventura Coast Brewing
"We couldn't have built this anywhere else."
Topa Topa Brewing Company
"Topa Topa is amazing."
Beach House Tacos
"Tacos right on the beach."
MadeWest Brewing Company
"I don't even like beer, and they're on point."
"We act locally wherever we are."

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