RecommendationKelly Briglio from Paradise Pantry in Ventura, California recommends eating a pizza lunch or dinner at Papa Lennon's as her 'Ojai Must' as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Ojai.

Ojai, California

Papa Lennon's

"Head to Papa Lennon's for pizza in Ojai."

Deer Lodge
The Farmer and the Cook
Ojai Tortilla House

Papa Lennon's

"Head to Papa Lennon's for pizza in Ojai."

"It's really, really, really good."
Recommended by:
Kelly Briglio
Co-Owner, Paradise Pantry
Recommended in:
Ojai, California

Kelly's Take

"Pappa Lennon's in Ojai is great for pizza and sitting outside." 

Jeff Lennon, Owner Papa Lennon's

"People are always the best thing about anything in life. The restaurant is what it is, but it's really been more about bringing together a community and people, the people that work with us and for us. I think that's probably the coolest part of having a business. It's the individuals, and how we affect each other.

My Advice for Others

"Follow those dreams that you have in life. All of us have inclinations of what we're called to do, but not that many of us act on it. Just take the steps to act on what you're feeling your calling is in life, and that's a big deal and it's worth at least trying, at least seeing if it takes or not. Either way, you'll still learn a lot about yourself and you'll still affect some people on a positive level by going through it."

What I Love Most about Meiners Oaks

"I like the slower paced vibe of this side of town. It's a cool, artistic community that's starting to come together in a neat way that's still true to Ojai. When I grew up here, Meiners Oaks was a bit shadier, a little sketchier part to be around. It was just a quiet, sleepy town with nothing going on. We're in the changing moments now, but we haven't gone fully into that side of too nice, too put together.

My Meiners Oaks Musts

"Our friend Jonathan owns the Coffee Connection and he's a cool guy and that's a great coffee shop. The Deer Lodge is historical; it's got a lot of time under its belt. But mainly, I'm more about going up to the hills. You can't go wrong driving to the back of Matilija Canyon and picking up the trail out to some water holes and waterfalls."

Dives Nearby at the Deer Lodge Beers by the Pool at Chief's Peak Fresh Goods Next Door at The Farmer and the Cook

Papa Lennon's


Papa Lennon's
Jeff Lennon
Papa Lennon's
Deer Lodge
"It's got a lot of time under its belt."
The Farmer and the Cook
"I mentored under Steve, who owns Farmer and the Cook."
Ojai Tortilla House
"That's a really good spot."
Papa Lennon's
"Head to Papa Lennon's for pizza in Ojai."

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