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Local MustAlex Tweet, lead brewer and owner at Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley, California, recommends drinking beers at North Park Beer Company in San Diego as his 'San Diego Must' as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for San Diego.

San Diego, California

North Park Beer Co.

"Kelsey's the nicest fucking guy in this business, and that dude can crush every style."

Societe Brewing Company
Fall Brewing Company
Modern Times Beer

North Park Beer Co.

"Kelsey's the nicest fucking guy in this business, and that dude can crush every style."

"I'm in the business of making people happy."
Recommended by:
Alex Tweet
Owner, Fieldwork Brewing Co.
Recommended in:
San Diego, California

Alex's Take

"North Park Beer Company in San Diego is awesome. Kelsey is the owner, and he's the nicest fucking guy in this business. He was an avid homebrewer and he was winning every competition. Kelsey would win IPA every year and it took him forever to open a brewery and then he finally did it. He quit his job making video games at Sony, and he's just making sick beers. The dude can crush every style. His aesthetic is just amazing."

Kelsey McNair, Owner of North Park Beer Co

My Story

"For me, brewing is a sum of all parts. It's creative, it's scientific, it's biological. There are all these different functions and you have to figure out how to tune all these knobs just the right way to make the beer that you set out to create. The entire process is so complex and working towards that end goal of making the most delicious beer you can, it's really fun and humbling all at once."

My Advice for Others

"Opening and operating a brewery is some of the hardest work you will ever do, so you must be prepared for that. It's a true labor of love and can also be the most rewarding work you will ever do. A lot of people out there think that there’s easy money to chase down in the beer business, but that’s just simply not the case.

So make sure that you love it and care about it and you're ready for it. Have some business sense about you because as the field gets more crowded, only the cream will rise to the top."

My San Diego Musts

"There are a lot of great coffee roasters in town. I'd definitely check out Dark Horse if you're in North Park area. For breweries, I could name dozens but definitely spend some time at Societe, Fall Brewing, and of course, Modern Times is making great stuff."

Joaquin Basauri, Assistant Brewer
Societe's Owner Doug on Beer for the People Punk Rock & Beer at Fall Brewing IPAs, Pale Ales and Coffee at Modern Times

North Park Beer Co.


North Park Beer Co.
North Park Beer Co.
San Diego
Societe Brewing Company
"They make some of the best beer in the country, and I still think they're underrated."
Fall Brewing Company
"The whole brewery's ambiance is based on the punk rock scene. It's just such a unique place."
Modern Times Beer
"We probably don't need the press."
North Park Beer Co.
"Kelsey's the nicest fucking guy in this business, and that dude can crush every style."

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