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Business to KnowLocal Denver entrepreneurs and co-founders of My Favourite Coulour Studio, Franky and Annie Scaglione, share their favorite spots around Denver, Colorado. They recommend eating at El Chapultapec or getting a drink at Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club as local musts in the Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide.

Denver, Colorado

My Favourite Colour Studio

"Work made by Denver's kindest and most talented art teacher duo."

Topo Designs
Craft Boner
Winter Session

My Favourite Colour Studio

"Work made by Denver's kindest and most talented art teacher duo."

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Denver, Colorado

Our Story

"It's a dream to be creating art together. The calling and longing came in waves. When you're chasing a passion, you have to set realistic goals. You have to write them down. You have to look at them every day, and you have to do something each day to press on - and to act on that goal. If you want to become an artist, start referring to yourself as an artist. You have to take yourself seriously in it. You have to talk to people who inspire you; pick their brains, ask them questions. If the initial things aren't awesome, or you have a prototype that's a flop - it's a part of the process. 

All good things take time, and the process of creating is worthwhile."

What We Love Most About Denver

"Denver is such a fun community for artists right now. It's a city that's growing and values art, and there's room for us. Watching this city and the art spaces transform and the opportunities that that's created for others has been incredible."

Our Favorite My Favourite Colour Studio Product

"We've been on an adventure, following this path of creating art. Our See America Patch is an example of that. You can embroider as you go, filling in all the places you've been on your life's adventure. Travel was such a big part of our childhoods, so putting that into an art form is so special." 

My Denver Must

"We come from a wide range of musical styles and interests, and besides for hip hop - the one sound we connect on is jazz; anything that's soulful. We love listening to and supporting local jazz radio. So I'd say visited either El Chapultapec or Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club." 

My Favourite Colour Studio


My Favourite Colour Studio
Franky and Annie Scaglione
My Favourite Colour Studio
Topo Designs
"It's about finding something you love and putting a lot of work into it."
Craft Boner
"Kiwi is hilarious, and everyone needs to buy her stuff!"
Winter Session
"Beautiful, handcrafted waxed canvas and leather goods."
My Favourite Colour Studio
"Work made by Denver's kindest and most talented art teacher duo."

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