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Business to KnowLocal Denver entrepreneurs and co-founders of Made Wild, Christopher and Gilbert, share their favorite spots around Denver, Colorado. They recommend eating at City O' City as a local must in the Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide.

Denver, Colorado

Made Wild

Cleanly designed motivational apparel, pennants, stickers and more.

Topo Designs
Craft Boner
Artifact Uprising

Made Wild

Cleanly designed motivational apparel, pennants, stickers and more.

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Denver, Colorado
Christopher and Gilbert, co-founders of Made Wild

Our Story

"Gilbert and I tried several products before launching Made Wild, and all of them failed. I got discouraged, and thought I'd just be stuck not loving what I was doing every day. Being a maker, you feel like the stuff you put out there represents you. You can be afraid to give your all because you're worried people are going to reject you. It's not them rejecting your product, it's them rejecting you as a person. It took me a long time to get over that. 

We started completely over with Made Wild. I had to go all out.

 If people don't like it, that's fine. I have a timeframe. I'm going to make it work. We're just a few months in, but so far it's been really, really good!"  

My Favorite Made Wild Product

"Our Millennial as Fuck stickers and t-shirts, because that's where we found our voice. There's a lot of hate towards millennials. We're expected to fail - but we're not lazy. We get shit done! They gave us that word and I want to reframe it. I want us to be proud of it. Millennials are the most politically motivated, engaged and environmentally-focused generation in history, and we should embrace that."

What I Love Most About Denver

"How accessible different communities are here. The the gay community, the maker community, the vegetarian community - everything's so accessible. You can contact someone and they're ready to have a beer with you and to chat with you. There's a willingness to accept everyone here and to share resources. It's so refreshing."

My Denver Must

"We make every single person who visits us go to City, O' City. It's a great spot for vegan options." 

Made Wild


Made Wild
Christopher Mathews
Made Wild
Topo Designs
"It's about finding something you love and putting a lot of work into it."
Craft Boner
"Kiwi is hilarious, and everyone needs to buy her stuff!"
Artifact Uprising
Custom photo gifts renowned for their premium quality and design.
Made Wild
Cleanly designed motivational apparel, pennants, stickers and more.

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