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Local MustDenver's chefs recommend Little Man Ice Cream for dessert as part of Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide. They love the unique flavors offered at the milk jug shaped shop at 2620 16th St in the Highlands.

Denver, Colorado

Little Man Ice Cream

"Opening my own ice cream store was always a dream of mine."

Lula Rose General Store
Denver Bicycle Cafe
Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen

Little Man Ice Cream

"Opening my own ice cream store was always a dream of mine."

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Denver, Colorado

My Story

"My mom grew up in the backroom of a little ice cream and chocolate store during the Great Depression. I'd hear stories about it as a kid. As a family, we'd always get together and make ice cream, coming up with all these crazy flavors. So with all that, opening my own ice cream store was always a dream of mine. 

My parents were these incredibly warm, loving, giving and caring people. They were always looking out for others. My dad was a short Sicilian guy, and Little Man was his nickname. This all just seemed like such a great tribute to them."

Outside exterior at Little Man ice cream in Denver.

What I Love Most About Denver

"It’s a city with benefits. Denver is this amazing developing metropolitan city and it also has access to all this amazing recreational stuff in the mountains. You can camp, ski, hike - there are lakes and everything. It’s a bit of an oasis."

Ice cream menu at Little Man ice cream in Denver.
Close up of the menu at Little Man Ice cream in Denver.

My Denver Musts

"I get beat up for saying this, but go to Casa Bonita. The concept is right. It's an old JCPenney store that was turned into a restaurant and it's packed around the clock. If you get your place featured on South Park, you're doing something right." 

An employee pours batter into a waffle machine at Little Man ice cream.

My Little Man Order

"I love our Oatmeal Cookie ice cream. We make the cookies in our house around the corner, and then add in all kinds of other flavors for that profile."

A man holds an ice cream cone at Little Man ice cream in Denver.
Two employees make ice cream waffle cones in Denver.

Little Man Ice Cream


Little Man Ice Cream
Paul Tamburello
Little Man Ice Cream
Lula Rose General Store
"Denver's most beautiful coffee shop. Plus they sell Topo Chico!"
Denver Bicycle Cafe
"An institution on 17th street."
Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen
"A place to warm the heart with good company and fill the belly with foods of comfort."
Little Man Ice Cream
"Opening my own ice cream store was always a dream of mine."

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