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Band to KnowIvan & Alyosha's Pete Wilson talks about the groups early days and what he loves most about Seattle, Washington as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Seattle.

Seattle, Washington

Ivan & Alyosha

"A group that captures the sound of Seattle."

Ferry to Bainbridge Island
Dick's Drive-In

Ivan & Alyosha

"A group that captures the sound of Seattle."

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Seattle, Washington
Pete Smith who plays bass in the band Ivan & Alyosha smiles at a coffee shop in Edmonds, WA.

Our Story

"We spent a year touring off an EP where we just hit it really hard, and not always in the wisest of ways. But we were just like, 'Alright! We've got something out, let's comb the country with it!'

We were green and didn't really know what we were doing. It was really, really hard.

3 of the 5 of us were married at the time, not making any money, not seeing our family enough, just solely doing this as an investment in the group. The relationships we gained on the road in that year were really important to us and helped us grow and shaped us as a band.


When you're playing every night, you grow so much, in an incredible way. You play a show, then hop in a van for ten hours, then play a show the next night, and drive another 10 hours. All the cool guy mentality gets squashed pretty fast because you realize how unsexy it is to be on the road. But you're doing it! 

I think back a lot of time on, 'If I was 15 or 16 years old, would I be stoked about 10 people showing up? Would I be stoked about 500 people showing up?' And I think, 'Yeah! Of course! This is all amazing. It's a dream come true.'"

My Favorite I&A Song

"Running for Cover" is a really special song for us as a band. It's one that just kind of happened. The lyrics and the vibe of the song are so eternal, and when we get the chance to play it live and we hear people screaming the chorus, it's like, "Whoa! I wrote that song in my underwear. This is insane!" 

It's dealing with some heavy stuff, but when we play it and we see people in the crowd sippin' on beers and singing the chorus with us, you realize that it's just as much yours as it is ours."

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What I Love Most about Seattle

"The sense of community. It's such a peaceful place to be in the artistic community because there's no competition; everyone encourages each other. I don't know if that's because we're tucked away in this little corner of the United States or what, but it's so peaceful up here.  Once a band gets big, everyone encourages it and goes out to their shows."

Pete Smith from Ivan & Alyosha hangs out in a coffee shop in Edmonds, WA.

My Seattle Musts

"Get on a fairy and go to an island, like Bain Bridge Island. When you come back in the evening with the lights of the city on, it’s pretty cool. There’s a burger joint called Dick’s Burgers that’s a local favorite too. It’s a diner and there’s nothing fancy about it, but the cheeseburgers are really, really good." 


My Recommended Seattle Band

"Deep Sea Diver are friends our ours who are doing awesome stuff."


Ivan & Alyosha


Ivan & Alyosha
Pete Wilson
Ivan & Alyosha
Ferry to Bainbridge Island
"It's a touristy thing that the locals love to do."
Dick's Drive-In
"It's cheap, fast and good."
"A gumbo of Americana, Blues, Soul, Rock R&B and Bluegrass..hard to pin down!"
Ivan & Alyosha
"A group that captures the sound of Seattle."

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