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Business to KnowScott Allan, Hydro Flask's CEO, shares what he loves most about Bend, Oregon, and gives recommendations for his perfect day, his lessons learned and his advice for others as part of the Dirt Road Travels digital city guide for Bend.

Bend, Oregon

Hydro Flask

“Saving the World from Lukewarm”

Thump Coffee
Wild Rose
O'Kanes at McMenamins
The Broom Closet Bar
The Sparrow Bakery
The Lot
Crux Fermentation Project

Hydro Flask

“Saving the World from Lukewarm”

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Bend, Oregon
CEO of Hydro Flask, Scott Allan

Our Story

“It’s great that Hydro Flask is growing, but at the same time, we’re not just a sweat shop and it’s not just about growth and external metrics. 

It’s also about what we’re doing internally. We’re smiling, we’re having fun, our people are mountain biking together after work or at lunch and our softball team has been playing pretty well.”

My Bend Musts 

Scott Allan, CEO of Hydro Flask

"If it's summer, grab a coffee and ocean roll from Sparrow Bakery and head out for some single track mountain bike riding. Lunch and a cold beer is at The Lot, then head off to River Bend Park with your SUP to paddle on the Deschutes River. After, grab a beer at Crux Fermentation Project, and catch a concert at Les Schwab Amphitheater.

If it's winter, then start at Thump Coffee before heading off to Tam McArthur Rim between Bend and Sisters for some backcountry splitboarding with friends. When you're back to Bend, dinner has to be at Wild Rose for authentic Northern Thai, followed up by a whisky by the fire pit at O'Kanes. If there's no room by the fire, head into the back building to find the hidden Broom Closet Bar."

What I Love Most About Bend

"Bend has a great community feel and it's a great place to raise a family. It's friendly, supportive, collaborative and entrepreneurial. People do things here. They take action and work together and support each other.

Bend's a small enough town that you've got great access to the mountains for some backcountry skiing in the winter time, and for stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, hiking, camping and single-track mountain biking in the summer.

It's the right size. You don't have to give up things like live music, culture and a great food scene because we've got it all, and if you're really desperate for the urban environment, we're just a few hours from Portland." 

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My Favorite Hydro Flask Product

“My go to is our 21 Oz Standard Mouth. It's always with me, just to have ice water available at any moment throughout the day. 

Our Beer Growler is pretty cool too, mainly because of that experience of being able to go in and take 64 oz of your favorite beer to a trailhead and out camping.”

The Best Advice I've Received

"It's about the culture. One of our advisors once told me, 'The planning and the execution, that's all great, but really, you need to raise the importance of culture, of people and of building this common bond around what makes the brand special from the inside.' 

I've seen that play out, and how important it is. 

In the tech industry, it's kind of like there's one culture. Apple isn't that different from Google or from Facebook. 

But when you get into creating a brand in the outdoors, it's more about what's genuine on the inside, and you can't fake that. 

It's the leader's responsibility to set the stage for that, and to communicate around that culture and hire around it and reward it, to ingrain and nurture it at all times."

My Advice for Others

"Surround yourself with smart people, and then go for it. You have to be willing to take some risks, to push the envelope and to build a special brand with a sense of urgency. If you see an opportunity, be action-oriented. Don't just make a plan on a white board. The world is changing, and ideas are becoming commodities. So get in there, learn quickly, iterate and move." 

My Recommended Bend Content

"Deschutes Brewery started in here 28 to 29 years ago and their Fresh Squeezed IPA is pretty amazing. Get your hands on one for a bit of the flavor of the Pacific NW.”

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More from Hydro-Flask

Hydro Flask was founded in 2009 aiming to provide consumers with the ability to have their beverage at the temperature they want it when they want it. Since then, the company has grown into the outdoor and natural food industry leaders across vacuum insulated hydration, coffee, beer, wine, spirits and food categories.


Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask
Scott Allan
Hydro Flask
Thump Coffee
"The right way to start your day in Bend."
Wild Rose
“A personalized culinary tour of Northern Thailand.”
O'Kanes at McMenamins
"It's a ton of things, all tough to describe."
The Broom Closet Bar
"Dr. Seuss meets Harry Potter on a magical little mystery tour.”
The Sparrow Bakery
“People come all the way from Kansas for these desserts!”
The Lot
“A restaurant that’s one hundred precent patio.”
Crux Fermentation Project
“Beers that are just too good to miss.”
Hydro Flask
“Saving the World from Lukewarm”

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