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Band to KnowJay Cobb Anderson, vocals and guitar for Portland's Fruition, shares the story of how the band got its start, his advice for others and where he recommends eating, drinking and hanging out in Portland, Oregon as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Portland.

Portland, Oregon


"A gumbo of Americana, Blues, Soul, Rock R&B and Bluegrass..hard to pin down!"

Luc Lac Kitchen
Laurelhurst Theater
Music Millennium
Bar of the Gods
Bar Maven
Devil's Point
Mississippi Studios
Ezra Bell


"A gumbo of Americana, Blues, Soul, Rock R&B and Bluegrass..hard to pin down!"

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Portland, Oregon

Our Story

"Portland is so music and art focused so the busking scene, which is playing out on the street for money, is huge and poppin'. That's how we formed as a band. The first time we played together as a band was on Hawthorne Boulevard.


So Fruition has deep roots here. 

Portland gave us the fuel to know that we could go anywhere and play on the street and survive. 

We would never have happened if we didn't start in a city that supported music and art like that. That DIY music scene of just get out and play."

My Favorite Fruition Song

"As a band, we're constantly evolving and changing and growing. I think most bands are. 

I'd say lyrics that resonate with who we are and what we do are from the song Labor of Love, which is what this whole thing is. It's just a labor of love."


Advice for Others

"What kept us going is that we all loved it and we all believed in it. We had that desire to play all the time. 

If you love it, if you truly love it, and you find other people that you connect with that also truly love it, you can do it. You just gotta get out and play. I've always followed the theory that if you're doing what you love from your heart, and you're giving everything that you can, the universe will provide, and for us it always did. 

It would also work out."


What I Love Most About Portland

"I love that it's almost impossible to find a fast food joint because there's so much real, affordable, cheap local sourced food. It's like you can eat a chicken that somebody raised down the street, and have it garnished with community garden greens, you know?" 

My Perfect Portland Day

"Portland is famous for its strip clubs. It's viewed as an art form, and there's some amazing stuff and it's not creepy like a lot of strip joints across the country. Portland has a deep rooted sex industry history. It was a brothel town back when it started, and once that became illegal it transferred to strip clubs. I'd take a friend to Devil's Point.

Otherwise, I love Luc Lac Kitchen. When I get back home, I always go there by myself. Music Millennium is the record store to go to in town. The guy who owns it, Terry, is a legend in town.

There are local bars like Bar of the Gods and Bar Maven that are super fun dive bars. The Laurelhurst Theater is also a great spot to go. You can get a pitcher of beers and a couple of slices of pizza and watch a movie, and a place like that is pretty unique to Portland."

My Recommended Local Listen

"The Shook Twins are from Portland. They're good buddies of ours and we love their music."


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Jay Cobb Anderson
Luc Lac Kitchen
"A line out the door for open at 11."
Laurelhurst Theater
"Bringing the community back into the theater scene."
Music Millennium
"Keep Portland Weird."
Bar of the Gods
Bar Maven
"Drink beers inside, sleep on the table outside."
Devil's Point
"Do strippers fill out W2's?"
Mississippi Studios
"When everyone in town recommends it, it's got to be good."
Ezra Bell
"Innovative sounds out of a unique, great crew."
"A gumbo of Americana, Blues, Soul, Rock R&B and Bluegrass..hard to pin down!"

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