RecommendationJack Dyer, Co-Owner of Topa Topa Brewing, recommends visiting Fluid State Beer Garden for beers and pizza as his 'Ventura Must' as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Ventura.

Ventura, California

Fluid State Beer Garden

"A great new spot with an incredible beer list."

Paradise Pantry
Stoked Coffee Co.
Topa Topa Brewing Company

Fluid State Beer Garden

"A great new spot with an incredible beer list."

"Topa Topa is amazing."
Recommended by:
Jack Dyer, Co-Founder
Topa Topa Brewing
Recommended in:
Ventura, California

Jack's Take

"Fluid State Beer Garden is a great new spot in Ventura that has amazing pizzas, appetizers and an incredible beer list." 

Aaron and Jen, Co-Owners of Fluid State

Our Story

"This is a heart and soul thing. We decided we needed to focus on doing something that we love to do rather than doing something that we had to do.

Jen and I have a similar idea about what makes a great beer bar and the goal has always been to build a place where people aren't intimidated, where it's comfortable.

We've always believed in doing the small number of things you do really really well instead of trying to do everything.

So we're not doing a pizza that everyone else has done and we're not selling beer that everybody else sells. We only sell beer from independently owned craft breweries, because small batch, locally made goods are important to us and what we're creating.

Today, people are looking for a higher level of quality and ultimately authenticity. They don't want people to fake it anymore. I think that's one of the reasons that restaurants fail, is because they think they can dupe the public, and they really can't.

Topa Topa Brewing Ventura Coast Brewing MadeWest Brewing Company

Everything we're doing here is one hundred percent authentically Jen and me. We're very hands on. I'm making the pizzas, Jen's doing the bartending, and when we're not doing that, we're making signs and cleaning. We're present. It's just us. It's all us."

Our Ventura Musts

Aaron and Jen, Fluid State

"We love to start the day at Stoked Coffee and we always head to Paradise Pantry for dinner." 

Advice for Others

"Most of the time I was told exactly the opposite of what I did, and my instincts turned out to be right. 

You have to ultimately trust yourself; how you really want this to be. Everybody has advice and it's important to stay very, very true to your vision.

This is our dream bar. It sets people up for human conversation. We don't have TVs. We're being true to ourselves and our integrity is still intact."

Original, 1st year 1981 Donkey Kong
Dr. Pepperoni Pizza

Fluid State Beer Garden


Fluid State Beer Garden
Aaron Duncan
Fluid State Beer Garden
Paradise Pantry
"It's really, really, really good."
Stoked Coffee Co.
"We started putting pen to paper and slowly our dreams became a reality."
Topa Topa Brewing Company
"Topa Topa is amazing."
Fluid State Beer Garden
"A great new spot with an incredible beer list."

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