RecommendationSan Francisco's brewers recommend Ferment. Drink. Repeat. FDR Brewery for a beer as part of Dirt Road Travels' San Francisco, California city guide. They love the small batch brews, homebrew supplies, and live music at 2636 San Bruno Ave in Portolla.

San Francisco, California

Ferment. Drink. Repeat.

"A nanobrewery that's still family oriented, in a very gritty, working class part of town."

Barebottle Brewing Company
Cellarmaker Brewing
The Rare Barrel

Ferment. Drink. Repeat.

"A nanobrewery that's still family oriented, in a very gritty, working class part of town."

"Incredible vegan Mexican food."
Recommended by:
Rodrigo Garcia
Gracias Madre

Rodrigo's Take

"There's this small nanobrewery called FDR - Ferment. Drink. Repeat. - that's all the way in the south part of San Francisco and they're doing amazing things. It's a nanobrewery that's still family oriented. It's a very gritty, working class part of town and they're making awesome beer." 

Shae and Kevin Inglin

Our Story

"Kevin was a helicopter pilot in the army - we were an army family for twenty one years. During that time he was a homebrewer and as soon as he retired it was like like, 'Alright. I'm out, let's open up a brewery!"

We realized pretty quickly that we wouldn't be opening the doors on it anytime soon. I had to get a job to supplement and help support our family while he focused on getting the brewery opened so I worked for Instacart for a year, just to keep us afloat. I was shopping and delivering groceries for a year, simply to keep ourselves above water.

We put everything into this place. I'm standing in all of our money. We just put our whole life on the line to create this place that's grounded in this community in particular.

We didn't have any big backers. We're the mom and pop shop that's homegrown, grassroots and community-based. Ninety-five percent of the people that walk into the door are from this neighborhood. A lot of them don't even know what craft beer is! I have a gentleman who comes in and doesn't speak English, and he orders a Heineken. So we're like, 'No,' and we give them something of ours, that we made, that's sort of like a Heineken and they fall in love with us and our beer and they become regulars.

We want to create community taproom where people from the neighborhood can come enjoy a beer. It's a nice, mixed neighborhood, with lots of Italians and Chinese and whites and we like to say that it's the greatest little neighborhood you've never heard of."

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Ferment. Drink. Repeat.


Ferment. Drink. Repeat.
Kevin Inglin
Ferment. Drink. Repeat.
San Francisco
Barebottle Brewing Company
"We took white collar jobs, but spent all our free time brewing beer. So we quit and built Barebottle."
Cellarmaker Brewing
"Cellarmaker is making some of the best beer in the region today."
The Rare Barrel
"I make sour beer. I like to get weird."
Ferment. Drink. Repeat.
"A nanobrewery that's still family oriented, in a very gritty, working class part of town."

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