RecommendationAlex Tweet, owner and brewer at Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley, California recommends fishing, drinking and eating a hot dog at Fath Bistro in San Diego as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for San Diego.

San Diego, California

Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle

"When I stumbled upon this location, it was fate, like the gods were shining upon me."

Societe Brewing Company
North Park Beer Co.
Modern Times Beer

Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle

"When I stumbled upon this location, it was fate, like the gods were shining upon me."

"I'm in the business of making people happy."
Recommended by:
Alex Tweet
Owner, Fieldwork Brewing Co.
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San Diego, California

Alex's Take

"My favorite place in all of San Diego, and in my opinion a can't miss, is Fathom Bistro in the Shelter Island, Point Loma area. It's a bait and tackle, craft beer bar and sausage grill that's on a pier, with views of Coronado, the downtown harbor and everything else. It's an amazing place to just sit and drink a beer and soak up the sun and the water.

Then just down the road from Fathom, you have Point Loma Seafood which has some killer seafood, all caught locally by real fisherman, for a good price."

Dennis Borlek, Owner of Fathom Bistro

My Story

"I started homebrewing beer in 1989 and was managing a couple bars and restaurants, and decided it was time to open my own place. When I stumbled upon this location, it was totally random, like all the gods were shining on me.

The Port District own this property, and they already had 10 people that had put in proposals for the location so when I called, they immediately were trying to push me away from applying. But I convinced them to show me the spot. 

When we walked in, I saw that giant window looking out on the submarine base where my dad used to be stationed when he was on submarines, I felt it was like fate.

I grew up learning to fish on this pier when I was 4. This is everything it's supposed to be. I honestly couldn't dream up a better combination of things that I could be doing. It's everything that I've enjoyed about life in San Diego in one spot."

Best Advice I've Received

"Quality of life is the most important thing. When you're young, work your ass off as much as you can because you've got the energy, so do it. But as you get older, it's important to be able to balance pleasure with your earning. I built a place I would want to hang out at, and if you do that, like-minded people will find it."

Breakfast with Jacqueline and Ann-Marie at Little Lion Cafe Beers 20 Years in the Making with Doug at Societe Brewing Late Night Steak and Piano at the Red Fox

My Advice for Others

"Don't let money get in the way of travel. The best traveling I ever did was when my best friend and I bought a Volkswagen Bus when we were 24 and drove cross country for six weeks. We literally had a $20 a day personal budget. We just decided, 'Screw it. We've got to do this.'

"That's Jacques Cousteau, my dad and Steve Zissou"

What I Love Most about San Diego

"A bazillion things have kept me here. I've traveled to every state, have visited tons of countries and I just keep coming back to San Diego. The weather’s wonderful, the food is amazing. I grew up here on the water, I just love it. There's no reason to leave. The people that are either from here or that have chosen to move here, made the decision because it's a very friendly city. People are very easy to talk to and the weather's almost always great."

My San Diego Musts

"I love breakfast at Little Lion and lunch at Carnitas Snack Shack. OB Noodle House is great, and Point Loma Seafood is a spot where you can order fresh seafood at the counter with outside seating overlooking the fishing boats. 

‍World Famous Explodo Dog!

I love dinner at the Red Fox Room, which is an old steakhouse in the Lafayette Hotel near 30th Street where all the beer bars are. It's been the same since the 1950s. Saiko Sushi in North Park is also amazing and the menu is spot on, with very fresh fish and unique Sake!"

‍Fuego Dog

Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle


Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle
Dennis Borlek
Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle
San Diego
Societe Brewing Company
"They make some of the best beer in the country, and I still think they're underrated."
North Park Beer Co.
"Kelsey's the nicest fucking guy in this business, and that dude can crush every style."
Modern Times Beer
"We probably don't need the press."
Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle
"When I stumbled upon this location, it was fate, like the gods were shining upon me."

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