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Business to KnowBecca and Fitz Cahall from Duct Tape Then Beer share their story of launching their agency and what they love most about the outdoors at Seattle, Washington as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Seattle.

Seattle, Washington

Duct Tape Then Beer

"A team of 'Dirtbag' creatives we've looked up to for a while."

Olympic Sculpture Park
Golden Gardens Beach
Reuben's Brews
Fremont Brewing Company

Duct Tape Then Beer

"A team of 'Dirtbag' creatives we've looked up to for a while."

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Seattle, Washington
Duct Tape Then Beer sign and boxes in Seattle.

Our Story

"For us, adventure and travel have kept evolving. It’s key and essential. When you get curious about things, it has a way of changing you, and I think that’s a great way to be. Whether you’re looking at it like, ‘I wonder what this country is like,’ or, ‘I wonder what that basin in the Cascades is like?’ 

When you get curious like that, you have a way of getting in over your head, and I think that there’s something to be said for getting in a little over your head, because it ends up changing you. 
Becca and Fitz Cahall of Duct Tape Then Beer sit in their office in Seattle.

It ends up being memorable and it ends up being important. It ends up feeling…full. And if you do that enough in life, it feels pretty good. For us, travel and adventure are the expansion of character.


95% of the time, you got out and have these adventures and you're going to start at the trailhead and you’re going to come back from the trail and you’re going to be back home in time for dinner. 

It’s that small percentage of time when something goes wrong that ends up bonding you together with the folks that you’re out there with. It’s this moment - this kernel in your life - that unites you. You’ll never forget that experience, and you’re somehow always connected to that person. That’s been really important in both of our lives."

About The Dirtbag Diaries 

"The Diaries for us is this different beast - it’s this amazing thing that’s been going on for 10+ years. Through the Diaries, we’ve had this ability to tell stories that we really love and we still get excited about. Some of the early ones are our favorites, like one called ‘Help Wanted’ about the climbers that climbed Matterhorn, the Disney roller coaster. It’s just a great example of the kind of fun story that exists out in the world."

Fitz sits in the recording studio for The Dirtbag Diaries at the headquarters of Duct Tape Then Beer in Seattle.
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The Dirtbag Diaries poster cards and photos on the wall at Duct Tape Then Beer.

What We Love Most About Seattle

"The outdoors and music have really been important in our lives, and I love that we can just as easily go rock climbing or mountain biking as we can go and see a rad show. Also, as an outdoor media company, people would expect us to be in a small ski town, not in a big city. But Seattle’s been this awesome mix because there are so many people that spend time in the outdoors, but who also have lives in the city and they do incredible things. 

We’re exposed to all these different ideas and opinions. We have friends working on human rights, health care, crazy product design on cutting edge technologies, all sorts of things - and that’s been a huge influence on us and how we create." 

Becca Cahall smiles in a yellow shirt at Duct Tape Then Beer HQ in Seattle.
A key dangles at the office of Duct Tape Then Beer in Seattle, WA.

Our Perfect Seattle Day

"Bikes, beers and beach. Start at the Seattle Art Museum’s Outdoor Sculpture Park. It’s near the water and you’re looking at art and outside looking at the mountains. From there, you can rent a bike and get to a few breweries like Reuben’s Brews or Fremont Brewing, and then bike towards Golden Gardens Park. Have a campfire on the beach, and watch the sunset. It’s just this beautiful landscape, with views out towards the Olympics" 

Our Favorite Local Content 

"The Boys in the Boat has this great history of living in Seattle and what the city looked like in the 1930s. It’s just crazy, and the sporting aspect of it is entertaining. Another favorite is The Emerald Mile."

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Paul's Boots from Duct Tape Then Beer.
Anya sits in a red flannel and a red hat at Duct Tape Then Beer HQ in Seattle.
A Pabst Blue Ribbon can is farmed on the wall at Duct Tape Then Beer in Seattle, WA.

Duct Tape Then Beer


Duct Tape Then Beer
Becca & Fitz Cahall
Duct Tape Then Beer
Olympic Sculpture Park
"A park along the waterfront with modern art; cubes on grass."
Golden Gardens Beach
"An outdoor park for grillin and chillin."
Reuben's Brews
"A family owned craft brewery."
Fremont Brewing Company
"Everything a brewery should be."
Duct Tape Then Beer
"A team of 'Dirtbag' creatives we've looked up to for a while."

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