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Local MustVancouver's chefs recommend Chickpea Israeli Restaurant and Food Truck for lunch or dinner as part of Dirt Road Travels' Vancouver, Canada city guide. They love the falafel, hummus, and vegan options at 4298 Main St in Riley Park.



"Spread love it's the Chickpea way."

The Black Lodge
Le Marché Saint George
The Arbor


"Spread love it's the Chickpea way."

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Our Story

Rotem, co-founder of Chickpea

"I love hosting people and feeding people - it's my passion. I was always making hummus as a way to bring people together. People loved it and would tell me to sell it. So I made an amateur brand and was selling it as a hobby when I met Itamar's wife, Jordana and we all started traveling together as a group, going to new cities and to music festivals together.

I think my way of life - I had dreadlocks and loved music festivals and all that - kind of rubbed off on Itamar, and Itamar was a very polo shirt and business guy, which rubbed off on me. So we kind of merged at that time and created Chickpea."

Itamar, co-founder of Chickpea

"I grew up in a small village in Israel and I didn't have the best relationship with my parents. I grew up very religious and I didn't want to be religious, so I left and I had to grow up alone. From a very young age, I was milling my own flour and making my own tofu and almond milk, sort of fending for myself.

I joined the army and traveled, and afterward studied for 3 to 4 years to become an accountant and a lawyer. Then when I met my wife Jordana, my life changed completely. Everything I believed and thought started to shake completely. I quit my studies and we moved together to Vancouver.

I started getting into business and I was good at it! I was managing a store and had the chance to open another one, but around that time, something flipped in me again. I just thought, 'This is not who I am. This is not what I want to do.'

So I became a private caregiver for a 53-year-old man who was dying from MS. I was with him every day for 8 months and we would go out to a lot of restaurants. Throughout that process, especially as he was dying, my perspective about life began to change again.

He had such a big passion for food and when he died, I wanted to use that to begin working with my hands again, learning to build things from wood, stone and metal. Then I met Rotem and he was talking about opening a restaurant of some sort, which was when everything clicked. I realized that from a young age, this is who I am and who I'm meant to be. I'm a person who loves to cook food. I'm a chef. I define myself as a chef.'

What We Love Most About Vancouver

"It's beautiful here. You have the mountains, the beach, and the air is so fresh. Vancouver is such a new city, so there's no established religion or ethnicity and it means that the culture here is always changing because the city is so new. 

It's not a one-minded city, and there's no judgment - people are smiling and there's no set of norms that everyone has to follow. Instead, everyone has their own space and the vibe is very open, very accepting."  

Our Vancouver Musts

"The Black Lodge is amazing for food and drinks. The Lido is a chill bar that's really close to us. Le Marché St. George is a cozy coffee shop and The Arbor is a great date spot very close to Chickpea."



Rotem & Itamar, Owners
The Black Lodge
"The restaurant is super approachble, they're not like people sitting on an ivory tower."
Le Marché Saint George
"It's a good place for a quiet coffee."
The Arbor
"When we try to escape the restaurant world, we go to The Arbor."
"Spread love it's the Chickpea way."

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