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Local MustDenver's brewers recommend Cannonball Creek Brewing Company for a beer as part of Dirt Road Travels' Denver, Colorado city guide. They love the craft brews and food trucks at 393 Washington Ave in Golden.

Denver, Colorado

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

"Don't miss the Trump Hands IPA."

Black Shirt Brewing Co.
Spangalang Brewery
Bierstadt Lagerhaus

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

"Don't miss the Trump Hands IPA."

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Denver, Colorado
Brian Hutchison, Owner, Cannonball Creek

My Story

"It's easy to get in patterns in life when you're somewhat comfortable, and that keeps you from doing things you know you want to do.

I'd started to lose touch with the thing that made me happiest - brewing beer

- and that motivated me to get my ass in gear and build Cannonball Creek. It took forever to make this happen - with financing and building. I'm so passionate about it that things are never bad, and there's always something to do better. It's that constant pursuit of perfection that keeps me stoked every day.

We're a small brewery that doesn't advertise or distribute so it's all here in house. The Great American Beer Festival medals mean the world to us. I put a ton of time and energy into making the best beer possible and view it so critically that to have others recognize the quality is awesome. But I'm still mastering this. We get harassed all the time for not expanding or growing more quickly, but it's not that crazy. I'm not a hyper-growth person. I'm not trying to become a billionaire. That's not my goal. I just want to make a decent living doing work i love."

My Favorite Cannonball Creek Beer

Our Trump Hands IPA is popular. Our Pale Ale has won several medals too. That's a favorite not because of the medals, but because that style was important to me. I had such a hard time with it. That beer went through 20 iterations before it became what it is, and it'll go through some more because now it's pissing me off again!" 

My Denver Musts

"Head to Comrade Brewing Company. Their Super Power IPA is one of the best in the world. Hogshead Brewery and Call to Arms Brewing Company are also doing incredible things."

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company


Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
Brian Hutchison
Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
Black Shirt Brewing Co.
"Our grandfather told us to do one thing, and to do it better than anyone else."
Spangalang Brewery
"A hidden-gem, with jazz music blaring and great beer pouring."
Bierstadt Lagerhaus
"From a technical standpoint, these are some of the most flawlessly executed beers you'll ever drink."
Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
"Don't miss the Trump Hands IPA."

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