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Local MustSan Francisco's brewers recommend Barebottle Brewing for a beer as part of Dirt Road Travels' San Francisco, California city guide. They love the craft brews, food trucks, and warehouse style space at 1525 Cortland Ave in Bernal Heights.

San Francisco, California

Barebottle Brewing Company

"We took white collar jobs, but spent all our free time brewing beer. So we quit and built Barebottle."

Cellarmaker Brewing
Fieldwork Brewing Co
Flour + Water
Ritual Coffee Roasters
Four Barrel Coffee
Golden Gate Bridge

Barebottle Brewing Company

"We took white collar jobs, but spent all our free time brewing beer. So we quit and built Barebottle."

Recommended by:
Lester & Mike, Co-Founders of Barebottle

My Story

"We were all business school friends from Cornell and each of us went on to our own white collar jobs after graduating. Ben was at Visa, Mike was at Procter & Gamble in Brand Management and I was at General Electric doing Product Management & Strategy.

But we really felt that we wanted to get beyond just doing our day jobs and we wanted to chase the American Dream of doing something that we were really passionate about.

And that's homebrewing. We just kept findings ourselves going back to, 'Man, how do we spend all our free time? Well, we spend it all brewing and judging homebrewing competitions and speaking with homebrewers and getting inspired.' 

Those homebrewers were making amazing, innovative beers in their apartments and garages. They're who inspired us. They didn't have any fear of failure and we all felt it was a crime that their beers weren’t getting to the wider market.  

It became pretty obvious to us that this was what we wanted to spend the rest of our time doing - building a brewery around homebrewing. So we did it.
Award Winning San Francisco Beer at Cellarmaker Brewing Head across the Bay to The Rare Barrel (Seriously, Do It!) Don't Miss Beers at Berkeley's Fieldwork Brewing

Our lives are completely different now. We're getting so much more out of it. We're not ever spinning our wheels. We look at the facts, we make a decision and we move on. We're able to test things out in production and packaging and implement them in real time, which we were never able to do in the past."

What I Love Most About San Francisco

"This city constantly reinvents itself. San Francisco is incredibly beautiful, it’s small and there’s a vibrancy here that draws people in. The real energy is in the neighborhoods, because there’s so much diversity. You can see and experience different people, cultures and flavors, which is so unique." 

My Perfect San Francisco Day

"I'd walk around as much as possible. Head across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Marin Headlands or walk through the neighborhoods, like Bernal Heights, the Mission or Haight-Ashbury. If you want good beer besides at Barebottle, head to spots like Cellarmaker or Fieldwork Brewing Co, and if you want good coffee, San Francisco is ground zero for third wave coffee companies like Blue Bottle, Ritual, and Four Barrel. Also, my personal favorite for food is Flour + Water."

My Recommended Local Content

Season of the Witch by David Talbot is a book with this great history of San Francisco, from the late Gold Rush to modern day, and the change the people and the city has gone through. You read about people like Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead - all these luminaries who lived right here. That book gives you this greater sense of place that makes San Francisco so unique." 

Barebottle Brewing Company


Barebottle Brewing Company
Lester Koga
Barebottle Brewing Company
San Francisco
Cellarmaker Brewing
"Cellarmaker is making some of the best beer in the region today."
Fieldwork Brewing Co
"I'm in the business of making people happy."
Flour + Water
"You have to order at least three pasta dishes because one is gonna be good, one is gonna be great and one is gonna blow you away."
Ritual Coffee Roasters
"They roast their own beans, right in Mission."
Four Barrel Coffee
"Ground zero for third wave coffee."
Golden Gate Bridge
"A bridge in the mouth of the bay."
Barebottle Brewing Company
"We took white collar jobs, but spent all our free time brewing beer. So we quit and built Barebottle."

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