RecommendationBen Brewer, Quality Control lead at Blue Bottle Coffee, recommends eating lunch at Bakesale Betty in Oakland, California as part of the Dirt Road Travels city travel guide for Oakland.

Oakland, California

Bakesale Betty

"I just think fried chicken is amazing! The flour, the buttermilk, the crispy coating and all the spices."

Cam Huong Cafe
Phnom Penh House Restaurant
Chez Panisse

Bakesale Betty

"I just think fried chicken is amazing! The flour, the buttermilk, the crispy coating and all the spices."

"We're running off on crazy missions, kind of like these great, weird swash-buckling adventures in coffee."
Recommended by:
Ben Brewer
Quality Control Director, Blue Bottle
Recommended in:
Oakland, California

Ben's Take

"Bakesale Betty has like four menu items and they do them really, really well. They’re most well known for their fried chicken sandwich and they’ve consistently been doing that for years." 

Alison Barakat, Owner of Bakesale Betty

My Story (Alison)

"I was working at Chez Panisse as a line cook, and fried chicken was one of the dishes that was on the menu every day. I had never made buttermilk fried chicken before then. I mean you have the flour and the buttermilk and they go together, and it's a crispy coating on the chicken and you add the spices and yeah, it's just so amazing!

I was still at Chez Panisse and started selling at farmers markets on the weekends so it was a lot. I did that for six months and then realized that I needed to pick one thing to focus on, so it was a hard decision but I left my job at Chez Panisse and pursued the farmers market full time. My husband and I did three markets a week for three and a half years, and then we opened the store in July of 2005.

I love that people get excited to come here and that when people come here, they're happy and that they love the food. All my life, I've loved cooking for people to make them happy, and that people are still coming here and that they make us part of their plan for the weekend makes me so happy!"

Best Advice I've Received

"When I worked at Chez Panisse, using the best quality ingredients and not compromising on quality was most important. It's funny because people say, 'Why are people lining up to eat your sandwich? What makes it different?' and the reason is because we don’t compromise on quality. We use high-quality ingredients but we’re still making an affordable sandwich so people can enjoy it."

My Oakland Musts

"I love the spicy cheese croissants at Pizzaiolo for breakfast, the curry chicken bánh mì for lunch at Cam Huong Cafe and dinner at Phnom Penh, which is Cambodian and their grilled beef skewers with chili basil is phenomenal." 

Bakesale Betty


Bakesale Betty
Alison Barakat
Bakesale Betty
Cam Huong Cafe
"I loved getting the Curry Chicken Bánh Mì. That was like my favorite thing to do."
"Their spicy cheese croissants really are so good."
Phnom Penh House Restaurant
"It's Cambodian and their grilled beef skewers with their chili basil fried rice is phenomenal."
Chez Panisse
"The restaurant that started the whole slow food, organic, locally sourced movement."
Bakesale Betty
"I just think fried chicken is amazing! The flour, the buttermilk, the crispy coating and all the spices."

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