RecommendationVancouver's chefs recommend Ask for Luigi Italian Restaurant for lunch or dinner as part of Dirt Road Travels' Vancouver, Canada city guide. They love the family-style antipasto salads, the handmade noodles and the desserts at 305 Alexander St in Railtown.


Ask for Luigi

"If you're driven by love and authenticity, you can create a masterpiece."

Beaucoup Bakery & Café
Say Hey Cafe

Ask for Luigi

"If you're driven by love and authenticity, you can create a masterpiece."

"We challenge ourselves to be consistent and to operate at a high standard."
Recommended by:
Adam Chandler, Owner
Recommended in:
JC Poirier, Chef/Owner of Ask for Luigi

My Story

"I'm the kind of person that's always all in.

I figured out early in my career that I didn't want to work for somebody else. I have my opinions and my ideas and I want to be free. When I was working for somebody else, it felt like a prison. I was always looking for freedom of thought and process. Of course, I had to work my way up, but I knew at some point I'd become a chef/owner."

What I Love Most about Cooking

"I'm a pretty active person, I need to move all the time. This is a hard job, physically and mentally, but somehow, it fits me. I see cooking as a physical exercise.

Plus, I always loved eating. I got into cooking because I love to eat. I love the flavor and how food can have this emotional and sentimental feeling, like, if you remember things that your mom used to cook, or you traveled at an early age and you tasted something, then you taste it again years later. I find that feeling to be really amazing."

My Advice for Others

"I realized that my power is that I'm myself. I'm me. And nobody else can be me because I'm me.

I think that anybody can be a good chef, but if you want to be a great chef, then you have no choice but to be authentic and to do something that's personal, that's very close to your heart.

If you're driven by love and authenticity, I think it's through that love that you can create a masterpiece."

Breakfast Pastries and Coffee at Beaucoup Bakery The World's Best Hummus at Chickpea Beers at The Alibi Room

What I Love Most about Vancouver

"I came here from Montreal and I fell in love with the surrounding area. The sea and the beaches, combined with the fact that you can go skiing and be outside, that's really what's attracted me the most about Vancouver."

My Vancouver Musts

“I love Harvest Community Foods on Union Street for ramen, which is owned by Andrea Carlson from Burdock & Co. For dinner, I just love Bao Bei. It’s been consistently amazing since it opened 7 years ago. And for beers, I love the Alibi Room, which I think is one of the best spots in the city. 

If you want to get outside, I'd recommend you bike the Vancouver Seawall and to stop on the beach on your way back to catch the sunset over the city.” 

My Must Order

"We have a dish that I quite like called Anchovies on Eggs, or Eggs on Eggs. The concept is you get a sub-boiled egg that we slice in two, and then we put really nice anchovies on top with some salmon roe and we serve it with toast. Because of the anchovies and roe, the flavor is really interesting, but with the eggs on toast, it's also really comforting."

Ask for Luigi


Ask for Luigi
JC Poirier, Chef/Owner
Ask for Luigi
Beaucoup Bakery & Café
"It's absolutely my favorite thing to eat."
"Spread love it's the Chickpea way."
Say Hey Cafe
"They just make really good simple well-composed sandwiches."
Ask for Luigi
"If you're driven by love and authenticity, you can create a masterpiece."

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