Vancouver's Best Japanese & Sushi Spots

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Vancouver's Best Japanese & Sushi Spots

With suggestions from locals who know best, we’ve listed the top Japanese and sushi spots in Vancouver, Canada. Try out Vancouver's bustling foodie scene with some of these incredible Japanese and Sushi hot spots.

1. Ajisai Sushi Bar

As recommended by Tannis at Bao Bei, this intimate sushi bar has under ten tables and a bar, making it a perfect spot to catch up with friends or get to know someone new. Most of the menu items are not cooked. If you’re a sushi lover, this is the place to be.

Ajisai sushi bar and japanese food in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels

Source: Ajisai Sushi Bar

2. Masayoshi 

Recommended by Andrea at Harvest Community Foods, Chef Masayoshi Baba boasts nearly 20 years of culinary experience and considers himself an artist. Chef Masayoshi uses fresh Japanese ingredients and many different cooking methods to create his edible art.  Try out authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi with a modern twist at Masayoshi.

Chef Masayoshi creates edible art with sushi at Masayoshi Japanese restaurant in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels

Source: Masayoshi


3. Fujiya Japanese Foods

Recommended by Taylor Roades, Fujiya has several locations throughout Vancouver and is a popular grocery store for Japanese items as well as a great sushi bar. Guests cans order individual sushi rolls or even party trays at Fujiya. You can even order your sushi for pick up here.

Source: Epicurrence

4. Kissa Tanto

Recommended by Sean at The Birds & The Beets and hidden in an upper level of a building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto offers a unique blend of Japanese and Italian cuisines. Kissa Tanto serves many pasta dishes that might be considered Italian if it weren’t for the Japanese spices, sauces, ,and vegetables added to the mix. Kissa Tanto also has many Seafood options to try out.

Kissa Tanto Japanese restaurant with pasta and seafood in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels Kissa Tanto, VancouverSource: Kissa TantoKissa TanatoKissa Tanto, VancouverSource: Kisssa TantoKissa Tanto, VancouverSource: Kissa TantoType image caption here (optional)


5. Dosanko Restaurant

As recommended by Tannis at Bao Bei, Dosanko is a Japanese restaurant that presents its own style of “Japanized” Western cooking. A couple, Nathan Lowey and Akiyo Tani have combined their family recipes with formal culinary experience to bring this new style of asian food to Vancouver. Nathan and Akiyo utilize seasonal, local, organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.

Dosanko japanese restaurant spread in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Dosanko Restaurant, Vancouver
Source: Dosanko Restaurant

6. Kingyo Izakaya

As recommended by Tannis at Bao Bei and known for a selection of high quality sake, Kingyo Izakaya serves fun cocktails alongside their creative tapas-sized menu items. The serene atmosphere decorate with bamboo makes for a quiet and intimate dinner spot or somewhere to sip sake with a friend.

Kingyo Izakaya Japanese restaurant dinner with high wuality sake in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Kingyo Izakaya, Vancouver
Source: Kingyo Izakaya


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