The Ultimate Day in Boulder

The perfect ways to eat, drink and get outside in one of the outdoor community's favorite hubs.

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The Flatirons

Boulder, Colorado

There's a reason people who move to Colorado never make it home: Boulder.

Just a short ride from Denver, this smaller city is one of the central grounds for outdoor adventurers like Anton Krupicka and musicians like Gregory Alan Isakov. With Rocky Mountain National Park just on the outskirts and the youthfulness of a college population, you'll get a perfect mix of city action and nature nothingness.

After talking to local chefs, baristas, entrepreneurs and adventurers, we've conjured up your ultimate day in Boulder, Colorado.

Sunrise Bike Ride in Betasso Preserve

Alpine Start co-founder Alex Hanifin recommends starting the day with a bike ride in Betasso Preserve, which caters to all level of adventure seekers. 

Bikers can speed through the large trees while hikers can enjoy wide expanses of beautiful vistas. Well maintained trails close to Boulder allow for everyone to get out and stretch their legs without having to plan an entire day. Remember though! Locals love to swing by after work so it'll get a little busy around 5, and bikes aren't allowed on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Mountain biker bikes through Betasso Preserve over grassy knoll.
Betasso Preserve, Boulder

Coffee at Boxcar

Boulder local and Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg recommends grabbing an espresso at Boxcar Coffee Roasters on Pearl Street.

Ethically sourced and supremely brewed, you'll measure the rest of your day by this benchmark. Grab some fresh pastries while you're at it!

Brewing coffee at Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Boulder, CO as part of the Dirt Road Travels city guide.
A pourover coffee at Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Boulder, Colorado as part of the Dirt Road Travels city guide.
Boxcar Coffee Roasters, Boulder

Breakfast Burritos at Blackbelly

Dine like royalty at Blackbelly Butcher. Wild Woods Brewery co-owner Erin Evans says, 'Start your day with Blackbelly's breakfast burritos, which are made with green chiles and tater tots. Blackbelly Butcher is an east Boulder hidden secret and those burritos pretty much are the fuel for a brew or bottling day at our brewery.'

Nate Singer, Co-Founder and Buthcer of Blackberry Market, Boulder
Nate Singer, Butcher at Blackbelly
The breakfast burrito at Blackbelly is the best, most delicious breakfast in Boulder, Colorado
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Lunch & Beers at Mountain Sun

Mountain Sun is Boulder. An eclectic and homey pub, with some of the best wings and nachos you'll ever have. In a town known for its craft beer, Mountain Sun's Colorado Kind Ale and Annapurna Amber stand out.

Chicken wings and three types of beer from Mountain Sun.
Mountain Sun, Boulder

Dinner at BASTA

Nate Singer and Hosea Rosenberg, of Blackbelly and Santo both claim BASTA as their Boulder musts! According to Nate, "Kelly is doing such amazing stuff at BASTA, with his emphasis on artisan grains, seeds, and breads. If you go, order the piatta." 

If the line at BASTA is too long, Kelly, BASTA's chef/owner, recommends dinner at Arcana.

Click here to read about Kelly's battle to stay true to himself while opening BASTA

Kelly Whitaker- Chef/Owner of BASTA, Boulder, CO
Kelly Whitaker- Chef/ Owner of BASTA, Boulder
Piada, fresh bred from the wood-fired oven, herbs and butter
BASTA, Boulder

Beers at Wild Woods

Beer enthusiast? Or just a casual beer enjoyer? Doesn't matter, Wild Woods Brewery has a beer for everyone. The beers are inspired by the wild places that founders Jake and Erin Evans love to camp nearby, giving this craft brewery a hyper-local, best of the outdoors feel. If you're anything like co-founder Erin you will be dreaming of wildflowers as you sip a Wildflower Pale. 

Read more about how Wild Woods got its start.

Erin Evans, Co-Founder of Wild Woods Brewery, Boulder, CO
Erin Evans, Co-Founder of Wild Woods Brewery, Boulder
Finished beers and journal on a table at Wild Woods Brewery in Boulder, CO
Wild Woods Brewery, Boulder

Catch a Show at Boulder Theater

Complete your Boulder experience by taking in the city's sounds with a show at the Boulder Theater. The tiered floor and great acoustics ensure everyone in the room will have a great experience. Check out their website for upcoming shows!

Concert at Boulder Theater with lights illuminating the entire repurposed theater.
Source: Boulder Theater
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