Spotlight: The Evergrey

"A daily email newsletter that's out to connect people to the city of Seattle."

About The Evergrey

The Evergrey is a community media publication that helps Seattle locals make the most of their city through a weekday morning newsletter. The daily email highlights Seattle's communities and fun things to do in town. You can sign-up for it here.

Mónica Guzmán, Cofounder, The Evergrey

My Story

"I think journalism ought to be closer to the people, and centered around people's real feelings and needs in their lives and in their city. So along with my cofounder, Anika Anand, I set out to build The Evergrey.

For me, The Evergrey is the most cohesive way that I've tried to build journalism that starts where people are. It's a daily email newsletter that connects people to the city of Seattle. In two minutes every morning, it's a cheat sheet, a tip sheet, to the city. 

It's all the information that you need to know to feel like, 'Oh yeah, I'm part of this place.' It's got all the events and communities that you should know about to help make your life a bit more meaningful here." 

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Sara Gentzler, Former Editorial Fellow, The Evergrey

What I Love Most about Seattle

"I really love that Seattle cares about being very real with itself. Seattleites want to be themselves and they want to connect with other locals in very real ways. Seattle is a place where you can just relax into being who you really are."

The Evergrey HQ at The Riveter, Capitol Hill. (They've Since Moved to The Riveter, Fremont)

My Seattle Musts

"My perfect Seattle day involves the waterfront, like going to the Olympic Sculpture Park by Elliott Bay. There's a slopey, grassy hill there, so I'd tell anyone visiting to soak up the sun on that hill as they face the water and watch the ferries go back and forth.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Then I'd say people should get out to the neighborhoods!

Capitol Hill has tons of character and pride, and the locals there are so themselves. 

Fremont is just quirky and weird and everyone's fine with it, and they have the most interesting art and events there, just all kinds of surprising and quirky things. 

Ballard has such a surprising restaurant scene and a deep history with the Ballard Locks and salmon, where you feel like you're part of this modern scene combined with historic Seattle."

The Evergrey HQ at The Riveter, Capitol Hill. (They've Since Moved to The Riveter, Fremont)

My Recommended Seattle Content

"I really love KEXP, which is Seattle's local radio station. They have a really amazing space near downtown that they opened with La Marzocco, which is a coffee shop in KEXP that features different roasters every month.

La Marzocco at KEXP

I really love how that shop and the rotating roasters reflects the city of Seattle because we have a spirit of trying everything and being very creative and of encouraging entrepreneurialism. The La Marzocco coffee shop in that space does that really well.

Also, the fact that our Indie radio station KEXP holds all these events at that space and tries to bring people together around different things is super cool!"

The Evergrey HQ at The Riveter, Capitol Hill. (They've Since Moved to The Riveter, Fremont)

Note: This Dirt Road Travels spotlight on The Evergrey and its cofounder Mónica Guzmán was done as a partnership in conjunction with The Evergrey and their parent company, WhereBy.Us, which also runs Miami's The New Tropic.

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