The Ultimate Day in Denver

"Your perfect day in the best city in the country, Denver, Colorado."

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24 Hours in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is the best city in the country for beer, mountains and the outdoors. If you're visiting for the day, here's your perfect list of things to do.

Denver Colorado's city scape with mountains in the background

Start the Day with Coffee at Lula Rose General Store

Neyla Pekarek of The Lumineers says, 'You can find a delicious, cannot-be-missed cortado at Lula Rose!' We think it's a great way to start your day too.

Click here to read Neyla from The Lumineers' full story, what it means to play a hometown show at Red Rocks and what she loves most about Denver.

Click here to learn more about Lula Rose General Store and its 27 year old founder, Oliver.

Decor at Lula Rose General Store in Denver Colorado for Dirt Road Travels' city guide.

Grab Breakfast at The Universal on Federal

Denver's famous author Brendan Leonard says, 'The Cornbread Rancheros at The Universal is the best breakfast in Denver.' We've got to be honest...he's not wrong. The Universal's a true gem, just a bit off-the-beaten-path and it's 1,000% worth the short trip from the city-center.

Click here to read more about Brendan Leonard and the other spots he loves in Denver.

Learn more about The Universal and all its goodness by clicking here.

Cornbread Rancheros
The Universal
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Bike around Wash Park

Time for a mid-morning walk, run, bike ride or volleyball game in what the locals call Wash Park. Denver knows how to connect the city life with the outdoors and Wash Park is the perfect place to do it.

Wash Park

Late Lunch at Onefold

One of Denver's coolest exports is a jar of artisan pickles, made by The Real Dill. Justin Park is the co-founder of The Real Dill and he recommends eating breakfast or lunch at Onefold. We agree! If you're in town, don't miss this charming spot.

Click here to read more about Justin and The Real Dill. 

Check out more photos and the story behind Onefold.

Onefold's Owner Mark Nery

You Can't Go to Denver Without a Brewery Crawl in RiNo

Black Shirt Brewing, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Spangalang and Ratio

The RiNo Arts District is the new heart of Denver. With great coffee shops, art galleries, breweries, concert venues and bars not far from downtown, it's easy to understand why. So get back on your bike and wander around the area, and be sure to check out our favorite breweries Black Shirt, Bierstadt LagerhausSpangalang, and Ratio.

Black Shirt and the incredible story about how a family built a brewery with their bare hands is the reason we got into this whole thing, so if their Red Evelyn is on tap, don't miss it. Read the Story Behind Black Shirt Brewing.

Cheersing beers at Black Shirt Brewing in Denver Colorado.
Cheers, Black Shirt Brewing!

We can say without a doubt that Bierstadt Lagerhaus was the most consistently recommended brewery in town by other brewers, with some saying you won't find a more perfectly executed beer in the country. More about Bierstadt Lagerhaus

As for Spangalang, it's just such a gem, with jazz music on blast and good beers on tap. You can read more about The Birth of Cool at Spangalang here


After Spangalang, swing around the corner for your last pint of the day at Ratio Beerworks. It's hands down, the locals' favorite brewery. We get it. The patio's awesome and the beer is delicious.

Source: @ratiobeerworks
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Dinner at Uncle Ramen

One of Denver's coolest companies is Vinyl Me, Please and it's co-founder Matt Fiedler swears by Uncle. With an open kitchen, you can be mesmerized by the quick precision of the cooks while they prepare your food. Make sure to get there early as it is a local favorite and the lines can get long!

Learn more about Matt and Vinyl Me, Please - a pretty rad company in Denver.  

Click here to see more deliciousness from Uncle Ramen.

Chef holds pork buns at Uncle Ramen in Denver Colorado as part of Dirt Road Travels' city guide.
Pork buns sit on table at Uncle Ramen in Denver Colorado as part of Dirt Road Travels' city guide.
Crab Steamed Buns at Uncle Ramen

Dessert at Little Man Ice Cream

Treat yourself to some ice cream - we really like the Salted Oreo - and experience the magic of owner Paul Tamburello's lifelong dream. Paul took his hobby of making ice cream at home with his mom and dad (whose nickname was Little Man) and turned it into a gem we can all enjoy!

Read how Little Man got its start and get Paul's recommendations on where to go in Denver!

Little Man Ice Cream exterior in Denver Colorado as part of the Dirt Road Travels' city guide
Cookies and cream ice cream cone at Little Man Ice Cream in Denver Colorado as part of the Dirt Road Travels' city guide.

End the Ultimate Day with Drinks at Finn's Manor

A hodge-podge of food trucks and drinks, Finn's Manor has everything you could need. With a new collection of trucks, beers and liquors each time you go, it's hard to have the same experience twice, which means it's always a good time!

Source: Denver's Westword Magazine
Source: Finn's Manor

Our Take

Denver's just too cool to experience in a day. If you're in town for the weekend, there are tons of other spots to check out so check out our full Denver, Colorado city guide here for gems like coffee at Crema or The Denver Bicycle Cafe, beers at Baere Brewing, Hogshead and Call to Arms, lunch at Devil's Food or Vert Kitchen, dinner at Cart-Driver or Vine Street and shows at Red Rocks or the Bluebird Theater. Also, weed's legal. Enjoy! 

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