The Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide 2017

A few of our favorite products from those whose stories we've told.

We've spent the last year speaking with the founders of companies in the outdoors, to tell their stories and highlight their favorite hiking trails, coffee shops and other off-the-beaten-path places in their towns. Below are some of our favorite products of their's, with links to each founder's full story. So read on, then give the gift of adventure this holiday season!

Support Bears Ears with Duct Tape Then Beer

Support the Bears Ears Education Center on Kickstarter

Give the gift of giving back, with a little help from Duct Tape Then Beer. 

Becca and Fitz Cahall launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support the Friends of Cedar Mesa as they set out to build a Bears Ears Education Center. As of 12/8 DTTB and their Ductlings have raised over $165,000. Due to the recent terrible, awful, does no good reduction of Bears Ears National Monument, they're increasing their goal to $185,000. In addition to building the center, this money will go to renovating, staffing, and creating exhibits. 

Click HERE to donate on Kickstarter and HERE to read more about Becca, Fitz and their love of all things outdoors and Seattle.

Becca & Fitz Cahall, Duct Tape Then Beer
Dirt Road Travels recommends donating to the Bears Ears Education Center with Duct Tape Then Beer.

Patagonia Gear

Buy Patagonia's Long Underwear

Patagonia's CEO, Rose Marcario, has some great insight on aligning your life with your passions, which you can read about HERE. Rose's story will get you stoked for some winter adventures and, while it may seem like a weird recommendation, but we'd say buy Patagonia's Thermal Weight Zip-Neck Hoody and Pants for the trip. They're the lightest, warmest and best articles of clothing we own.

Rosa Marcario, Patagonia's CEO
Patagonia Long Underwear Top - Amazing!

Chris Burkard Prints

Snag Some Prints

In October, Chris Burkard shared some his favorite surf breaks and fish taco stands near his hometown of San Luis Obispo with us, which you can read about HERE. Buy some of his awesome outdoor shots, and you'll feel like traveling too.

Photographer Chris Burkard prints for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide
Chris Burkard

Topo Designs Accessory Bag

The Topo Designs Accessory Bag

Topo Designs is Denver, and Topo Design's Accessory Bag is the perfect pouch to toss and store all your charging chords for anywhere you're traveling. Plus, Co-Founder Mark Hansen is as nice a guy as they come. Click HERE to read more about him and his favorite coffee shops, pizza spots and biking trails in Denver, Colorado and then checkout the Accessory Bag and more from Topo Designs.

Mark Hansen and Topo Designs Accessory Bag for for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide
Mark Hansen, Topo Designs Co-Founder
Topo Designs Accessory Bag
Denver, Seen through the Eyes of Governor Hickenlooper and The Lumineers Salt Lake City as Told By the Founders of Cotopaxi and Wylder Goods Ojai, you Beautiful Gem of a Town

MiiR Growler

64 Oz. Growler

Founder Bryan Pape built MiiR after a near-death experience, with one goal in mind - giving back. A lot of people talk about it, but he lives it. MiiR gives 3% of all their revenues back to trackable giving products, like clean water and education. 

When it comes to a MiiR product - be it bikes, bags, bottles, or accessories, Bryan says go for MiiR's Growler. "It's 64 ounces, so chances are you'll be sharing that beer or coffee with someone else. It represents community for our products." 

Click HERE to read why Bryan launched MiiR, his advice for other founders and where he loves to eat, drink and bike in Seattle.

Miir founder Bryan Pape and 64 ounce growler for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide
Bryan Pape, MiiR's Founder
Miir 64 ounce growler bottles for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide
MiiR Growler

Sunski Sunglasses


Tom Stewart launched this sunglasses company after a surf-trip to Australia. His whole story and perspective is worth the read HERE - not to mention his San Francisco recommendations are spot on - but suffice to say, even in the winter time, you'll look rad in some Sunskis. 

Visit for the full inventory.

Tom Stewart founder of Sunski sunglass company for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide
Tom Stewart, Sunski's Founder
Wall of Sunski sunglasses for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide

Wylder Goods' Goods

Anything and Everything!

Jainee and Lindsey are amazing women who felt like the outdoor industry wasn't making stuff that spoke to them, so they set out to create, curate and sell gear targeting today's outdoorswoman. They're doing it, with profiles in publications like Outside Magazine and (shameless plug) HERE at Dirt Road Travels. You'll only find products made by companies who are out on a mission to do right by society.

Jainee and Lindsey of Wylder Goods women's outdoors gear for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide
Jainee & Lindsey, Wylder Goods

A Limited Edition Oru Kayak

Limited Edition Indonesia Boat + Paddle (Pre-Order)

A big purchase that's small enough to fit in your closet. Being on an Oru Kayak is like, 'hiking on the water,' according to Oru Kayak's CEO Ardy Sobhani. Learn more about Ardy HERE and learn more about The Indo Project and Oru Kayak's new limited edition boat from the video below, produced by the team at Yeehaw Donkey.

If you can't afford the full kayak purchase, do yourself a favor and follow Oru Kayak on Instagram for some awesome shots of adventures around the world.

Oru Kayak CEO Ardy Sobhani for Dirt Road Travels Holiday Gift Guide Ardy Sobhani, Co-Founder & CEO, Oru KayakType image caption here (optional)Ardy Sobhani, Co-Founder & CEO of Oru Kayak

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