Best Record Stores on the West Coast

The Best Vinyl Record Stores along the West Coast.
"The only truth is music." - Jack Kerouac

Just like every bookworm has a favorite book shop, we’ve narrowed down our favorite record stores for music fanatics. Here are our top spots for vinyl record shops up and down the West Coast from Seattle all the way to San Diego.

1. Music Millennium

Portland, Oregon

According to Fruition's Jay Cobb Anderson, “Music Millennium's owner Terry...he’s kind of a legend in the town. In fact, the Mayor of Portland just named a day after him.” As the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest, Music Millennium has always had unique vibes and underground music you can't find anywhere else.

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Terry Currier owner of Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon for Dirt Road Travels Best Records Stores on the West Coast
Terry Currier, Owner
Many records on the shelves of Music Millenium in Portland Oregon for Dirt Road Travels
Music Millenium, Portland

2. Warbler Records & Goods

Santa Barbara, California

“Records are tangible. They sound really warm, and people fall in love with them. They have a certain cultural cache and a sonic superiority to them, and there's a special authenticity that comes with that.” Kurt Legler, the owner of Warbler Records & Goods, truly believes in the power of vinyl. 

Read the full scoop on Warbler Records & Good and get Kurt’s Santa Barbara Musts.

Warbler Records and Goods owner Kurt Legler for Dirt Road Travels Best Records Stores on the West Coast
Kurt Legler, owner
Warbler Records & Goods

3. Easy Street Records

Seattle, Washington

Denver's author/climber Brendan Leonard says, 'I love Easy Street Records for breakfast. It's not a secret to anyone, but a record store with a full on diner inside it,' makes our list.

You’re just as likely to find hits from the past as you are to uncover rare finds in the vinyl section of Easy Street Records. 

The exterior of Easy Street Records in Seatlle Washington for Dirt Road Travels
Easy Street Records, Seattle
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4. Mississippi Records

Portland, Oregon

"Mississippi Records started out as a few friends with a record collection and has grown to become a label releasing over 160 records without spending a dime on advertisements or press - or even a website! If you visit, head across the street to one of Portland's best dive bars, The Red Fox."

Source: The Day

5. Dave's Record Shop

Berkeley, California

Lech Wierzynski of The California Honeydrops recommends swinging by Dave's Record Shop just north of Oakland for, 'a lot of cool records.' Dave’s boasts new, used, and rare records in its vinyl collection. Owner Dave Kloski is there all day, and is happy to help you find quality tracks to bring home. 

Take a peek inside Dave’s Record Shop.

Dave Kloski owner of Dave's Record Shop in Berkeley California for Dirt Road Travels Best Records Stores on the West Coast
Dave Kloski, owner
Dave's Record Shop, Berkeley

6. Mount Analog

Los Angeles, California

Kurt from Warbler Records & Goods says, "Mount Analog is good for the adventurists." His recommendation is enough for us to list this rad spot in LA.

Source: XLR8R

7. Beat Box Records

San Diego, California

Beat Box Records focuses in on older soul, jazz, and funk that many modern day hip-hop artists have been influenced by or even sampled in new tunes. Only in it’s third year in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego, Beat Box Records proves that vinyl is still alive and well.

Source: @beatbox_records

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