Best Meals in San Francisco

"Packed with local produce, seafood and tons of nationalities, you'll eat well in 'The City.'"

The San Francisco food scene is no joke. Packed with local produce, seafood and tons of nationalities and flavor, you'll eat well in 'The City.'


Head to the Outer Sunset for bread or brunch and this highly recommended, hand crafted gem. Here's the full story behind Outerlands.

A breakfast spread of food at outerland in San Francisco for Dirt Road Travels
Outerlands, San Francisco

La Taqueria

"There's no shortage of places in this town that are kick ass, places that become like legends, that locals don't talk about because we don't want them blowing up. La Taqueria is like that and it's incredible." Here's the full story behind La Taqueria.

La Taqueria, San Francisco

Pizzetta 211

"It's a teeny-tiny gem with a few tables that's cash only and they have the best thin crust pizza." Here's the full story on Pizzetta 211.

outdoor seating area at Pizetta 211 in San Francisco for Dirt Road Travels
Pizzetta 211, San Francisco

Swan Oyster Depot

"Their oysters are shucked fresh to order and it's a spot that was good enough for Anthony Bourdain's Nooooo Reservations." Here's the full story behind Swan Oyster Depot.

A Seafood spread at Swan oyster Co in San Francisco for Dirt Road Travels
Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco

Flour + Water

"You've got to order three dishes, because one's going to be good, one's going to be great and one's going to blow you away, you just don't know which it'll be." Here's the full story behind Flour + Water.

An italian food dish at Flour and Water in San Francisco for Dirt Road Travels
Flour + Water, San Francisco

Hook Fish Co.

"It's all rod to reel, sustainably caught fish that's super fresh and the owners are in their twenties." Here's the full story on Hook Fish Co.

a man holding a dish of food at Hook Fish Co in San Francisco for Dirt Road Travels
Hook Fish Co., San Francisco

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