The Ultimate Day in Seattle

"There's nothing not to love about Seattle. The scenery is gorgeous; you're sandwiched between mountain ranges with the sound and lakes thrown about."

The Ultimate Day in Seattle

"It's such a rich community. It's balanced, with a great food and beverage scene, visual arts and dance and music and such a diversity of thought. We're very much connected to our landscape, the hiking and kayaking and snowboarding and the islands." -Chelsea Walker-Watson, Seattle local and founder of Slate Coffee Roasters.

Locals like Chelsea have helped us curate a list of “cant misses” in Seattle, even if you only have a day to check it out.

Breakfast at Morsel

Morsel is a Seattle must. Their one of a kind sandwiches are served on their homemade biscuits and make for a memorable and delicious breakfast. You may find a line when you get there, but it's only because locals know where to get the best biscuits around.

Check out more photos from Morsel.

Egg sandwich from morsel with biscuit with fresh spread.
The outside of Morsel, a breakfast spot you can't miss in Seattle.

Coffee at Slate

Slate Coffee and its owner, Chelsey Walker-Watson, are the epitome of coffee innovation and passion. An entrepreneur who quit her job, traveled the world and decided to realize her dream, Chelsey has created a homey and creative space for all sorts of people to unite. Located near the University of Washington, her Alma Mater, Slate welcomes all creators to come and brainstorm here. You can see the innovation happening as coffee is brewed into flasks and served in wine glasses.

Click here to read about how Chelsey realized her dream.

Espresso in wine glasses at Slate Coffee, a can't miss in Seattle.
Slate employee pouring water to brew coffee.

Lunch at 45th Stop & Shop and Poke Bar

“Honestly, we didn't expect to be a hidden-gem, or for things to blow up this fast. We're just a little mini-mart!” Even John, the founder of 45th Stop & Shop, has been surprised by the rise of their unique convenience shop and poke bar combination. 

Read about John's family journey to building this genius minimart.

Front of 45th St. Stop n' Shop.
Poke at 45th Stop & Shop and Poke Bar is a local must when in Seattle.
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Afternoon Coffee at La Marzocco at KEXP

Chelsey Walker-Watson, founder and owner of Slate Coffee, is all about the atmosphere and coffee at La Marzocco. No matter how many times you go to La Marzocco, locals tell us you will have a uniquely awesome experience. They feature different coffee roasters each month so when you return you will enjoy something completely new- from mugs to decor, each experience is unique to the roaster's tastes.

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Counter in La Marzocco Cafe, showing the entire exhibition.
La Marzocco is a Seattle local must.

Stroll through Pike Place

The Pike Place Farmer's Market is a must see when you're in Seattle for the day. Go back in time and visit Shug's, a 50s diner that specializes in milkshakes or check out Piroshky, Piroshky for an authentic Russian pastry. Sammie, owner of The Fat Hen, recommends taking your pastry across the street to watch the boats float over the water.

Shug's counter, sign and decor.
Piroshky, Piroshky storefront and pastries being made.

Beers at Cloudburst

Later in the afternoon, stop in to see which new creation Steve Luke is working on at Cloudburst Brewing. Just a block or two away from Pike's Place, this local brewery always has something new on tap. "The best IPAs in Seattle," you won't want to miss this spot on your ultimate day.

Front counter of Cloudburst Brewery with menus of beer options.

Sunset at Golden Gardens Beach

Locals tell us that the soul of Seattle is seen in the water, and as soon as you get there you will see why. This big city is nestled into some of the most gorgeous landscape you've ever seen. Make sure to take advantage of it and get over to Golden Gardens Beach to watch the sunset over the rippling waves. Enjoy Seattle's close connection with nature without having to go so far outside of the center.

Green walkway in Golden Gardens Park

Dinner at The Walrus and the Carpenter

You haven't had Seattle cuisine until you've had the oysters. Sammie, owner of The Fat Hen says "if anyone is going to come to Seattle and understand what true Seattle dining is, it’s got to be at one of Renee Erickson’s restaurants like The Walrus and the Carpenter.” Feel the warm breeze and sunlight come through the open windows as you dine on some of the freshest seafood your lips have ever touched.

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Oysters from Walrus and the Carpenter

Show at Tractor Tavern

To locals, the Tractor Tavern is a family friendly venue that focuses on music first. From rock to alt-country, this Ballard original has stayed true to its roots. The intimate space and cash-only bar prove it to be a time-tested staple in the Seattle community. Great drinks to be sipped, music to be heard and times to be had!

Owner of Tractor Tavern leaning on bar with bottles lining the shelves behind him.
Source: Sunset
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