Best Coffee Shops in the Pacific Northwest

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Best Coffee Shops in the Pacific Northwest

Whether you are a caffeine addict, a coffee connoisseur or someone who just enjoys sipping on a hot beverage with friends, check out these local recommendations on the top coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest. You will find that each of these destinations are passionate about their coffee, their customers and their communities as they strive to bring people together over a cup of Joe.

1. Spoken Moto in Bend, OR

This refurbished mechanic's shop with high ceilings, specialty coffee, craft beer and old motorcycles is a hell of a good time. Hannah, manager of Thump Coffee, claims Spoken Moto is a must when in Bend, Oregon and we put it up there as one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. In the old "Pine Shed," Spoken Moto is aiming to remind their customers to take it slow and enjoy each other's company.

Check out more photos of Spoken Moto.

adding milk to an ice brew at Spoken Moto
The warehouse of Spoken moto in Bend Oregon for Dirt Road Travels

2. Slate Coffee in Seattle, WA

Slate Coffee and its owner, Chelsey Walker-Watson, are the epitome of coffee innovation and passion. An entrepreneur who quit her job, traveled the world and decided to realize her dream, Chelsey has created a homey and creative space for all sorts of people to unite. Located near the University of Washington, her Alma Mater, Slate welcomes all creators to come and brainstorm here. You can see the innovation happening as coffee is brewed into flasks and served in wine glasses.

Read about Chelsey's story and her Seattle musts.

Pourover at Slate Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest.
Espresso in wine glasses at Slate Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Kainos in Portland, OR

This special coffee shop was created in the name of philanthropy. After some significant traveling, co-founders of Kainos, Marten Boyden and Austin Roberts, decided they would start a business that would benefit the orphaned children they had met in the Philippines. Today, 21% of their profits go to building homes for those orphans and making sure they have access to comfortable living conditions and education. Go drink amazing coffee and support the cause!

Learn about Marten Boyden’s inspirational journey to starting Kainos and his favorite spots around Portland.

Coffee at Kainos, one of the best coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest
Flowers and coffee mugs on the counter at Kainos in Portland for Dirt Road Travels
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4. La Marzocco in Seattle, WA

Chelsey Walker-Watson, founder and owner of Slate Coffee in Seattle, is all about the atmosphere and coffee at La Marzocco. No matter how many times you go to La Marzocco, locals tell us you will have a uniquely awesome experience. They feature different coffee roasters each month so when you return you will enjoy something completely new.

Check out more photos of La Marzocco here.

"You can learn the technique, but passion is cultivated through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work" -Piero Bambi
People stand in line at La Marzocco coffee shop in KEXP in seattle for Dirt Road Travels

5. Heart in Portland, OR

Stop in to taste coffee from all over the world at Heart in Portland. Emily Powell, owner of Powell's, the oldest independent bookstore in the country, recommended this place to us and we had to pass it along. The pastry and the service are just a bonus to the top-notch coffee they serve. There are a couple of locations so you should be able to find the one closest to you!

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Coffee Cups and mugs on a shelf at Heart in portland for Dirt Road Travels
Heart Coffee, Portland
delicious pastries from Heart Coffee

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