Best Breweries in the Bay Area

Drink a beer where the brewers imbibe

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1. The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, CA

"'We're passionate about sour beers. We know how to make them well and there's a serious supply problem for them.' We feel like if we focus entirely on sour beers, we're going to learn more about it and when we look back in thirty years, we'll be making better sour beers than if we decided to spread ourselves thin by making IPAs and stouts. So we're limited in what we can make, but we want to make it the best that we possibly can." - Alex Wallash, co-owner of The Rare Barrel, a local go-to for sours. They're unmatched!

Read more on how Alex, a biology major, became passionate enough about brewing to start The Rare Barrel.

A cold beer sits among many barrels at The Rare Barrel in Berkeley for Dirt Road Travels, California
Interior of The Rare Barrel

2. Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley

“I get so much joy out of the act of making something, of making beer, and the satisfaction of drinking that beer with someone who enjoys it. You get that reward, the personal sense of accomplishment when you sweat and you go through each step properly to create a beer. 'I worked hard at this and it came out the way it was intended.'” Alex Tweet, owner and brewer of Fieldwork Brewing, loves his craft. His passion for brewing is apparent anytime you taste a beer on their beautiful open patio or in one of their 5 taprooms.

Read more about Alex's thoughts on Brewing and his local musts in Oakland and Berkeley.

Patrons enjoy their time in the bar room at Fieldwork in Berkeley, California for Dirt Road Travels
Alex Tweet, owner of Fieldwork, drinks a beer he brewed.

3. Cellarmaker Brewing in San Francisco

Cellarmaker Brewing is making some of the best beer in the region right now." -Lester Koga, co-founder of Barebottle Brewing Company. It takes a certain reputation to have brewmasters claiming for a different brewery to be making the best beers. But that is just how good they are!

Check out more photos of Cellarmaker!

People sit around the bar drinking beer at Cellarmaker Brewery in San Francisco, California for Dirt Road Travels
A flight of beers at Cellarmaker
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4. Fort Point Beer Company in San Francisco

Two brothers, Tyler and Justin Catalana, started Fort Point Beer Company in 2014. They have a tap room in the Ferry Building Marketplace along the Embarcadero. After you explore the different merchants and cafes located in the marketplace, grab a beer from Fort Point- you won't regret it.

Photo Courtesy of Manual Creative

5. Barebottle Brewing in San Francisco

Barebottle Brewing Company keeps things simple and keeps things local. Their number one goal? “Use the things that inspire us every day from the Bay Area as the foundation for each new beer we make.” We can’t think of a better way to get a taste of San Francisco. Bring your dog, grab dinner from the food truck, and taste the newest beer on tap any day of the week.

Read about how the founders of Barebottle left comfortable white collar jobs behind to pursue their passion of brewing.

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