Best Breweries in Seattle

Drink where the brewers grab a beer in Seattle, Washington!

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Best Breweries in Seattle

Locals know their breweries best, we are merely the vessel that is passing their knowledge along. These are the breweries that Seattle brewers consider to be the best.

Rainier behind Seattle, a great city for breweries.

1. Holy Mountain Brewing

Steve Luke, founder of Cloudburst Brewing, claims checking out Holy Mountain is a Seattle must. The garage door that opens to the railroad track behind makes for a great ambiance and change of scenery. These guys know their hops.

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Mike owner of Holy Mountain Brewing pours a beer.
A Holy Mountain beer is placed on a table in front of a train in Seattle, Washington.

2. Cloudburst Brewing

“We do a Saison with market sourced fruits and spices that are just at the whim of what we see when we're walking through. We try not to think about it beforehand, so we can just say, 'This looks awesome right now. Let's use it in a beer.'" Steve Luke, founder of Cloudburst, talking about how he checks out Pike Place when looking for inspiration for a new beer, which is always a delicious beer.

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The interior of Cloudburst Brewery, one of Seattle's best breweries.
Sign outside of Cloudburst Brewery, one of Seattle's best breweries.

3. Fremont Brewing

Local brewers love supporting Fremont Brewing Company. It is the perfect spot to grab a beer and relax with friends. With a huge outdoor area and communal tables, the energy is just right as you look across at the marina. Fremont only offer pretzels in terms of food, but you are welcome to order anything in the area and enjoy it as you watch the boats pass through Lake Union.

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The interior of Fremont Brewing, one of Seattle's best breweries.
Fremont beers at Fremont Brewing, one of Seattle's best breweries.
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4. Reuben's Brews

Co-founders of Duct Tape Then Beer, Becca and Fitz Cahall, recommend a day in Seattle biking from brewery to brewery. Right next to the bike trail, Reuben's Brews is a family-friendly brewery with outdoor seating and high open ceilings. They are known around Seattle for their IPAs, sours, and barrel aged beers. Get in on the action and see what everyone is getting excited about!

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The interior of Reuben's Brews, one of Seattle's best breweries.
The patio of Reuben's Brews, one of Seattle's best breweries.

5. Georgetown Brewing Company

Georgetown Brewery offers free tours with samples! If you choose to make a donation for the tour, the employees pool the money and give it to a charity of their choice. Locals love this place for its to-go growlers and the legendary Manny’s Pale Ale. Let's say this again, free tour with samples...

beer in glass with Georgetown logo
‍Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse
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