Best Breweries in San Diego

San Diego's got the brews

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Best Breweries in San Diego

Take a look at these top notch breweries whose founders are some of the most passionate brew masters you will ever hear about. 

1. Modern Times Beer

"Modern Times in San Diego is a must visit because their beers are incredible." Fellow brewer and founder of North Park Beer Co, Kelsey McNair, is all about the beer at Modern Times. Named after an 1850 Utopian society in New York state, Modern Times models itself after that same idea: experimental, new and an oasis. Most of the beers are named after experimental Utopian societies in an effort to memorialize society's effort to reach perfection. Just like they want to accomplish with their beer.

The main bar and mural at Modern Times Brewing in San Diego, California for Dirt Road Travels

2. Societe Brewing Company

"Societe makes some of the best beer in the country, and as much as people know that, I still think they're underrated." - Alex Tweet, owner and brewer of Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley. It takes a certain reputation to have brewmasters claiming for a different brewery to be making the best beer in the country. But that is just how good they are! 

Read about how Douglas Constantiner's quit his job in New York to start pursuing his passion of making beer by starting Societe Brewing.

Founder Douglas Constantiner pouring a beer
Douglas Constantiner, Founder

3. North Park Beer Co.

“Kelsey, [the owner of North Park Beer Co.], was an avid homebrewer and he was winning every competition. Kelsey would win IPA every year and it took him forever to open a brewery and then he finally did it. He quit his job making video games at Sony, and he's just making sick beers. The dude can crush every style. His aesthetic is just amazing." – Alex Tweet, owner and brewer of Fieldwork Brewing. This brewery has plenty of seating for a big group of friends!

Read more about Kelsey McNair's journey to open North Park Beer Co.

The bar and restaurant at North Park Beer Co. in San Diego, California for Dirt Road Travels
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4. Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits

If enjoying a beer outside with friends is your goal, then Ballast Point is your destination. But they don't just brew beer to serve, they are helping locals learn to brew on their own! Their Home Brew Mart has resources, materials and personnel, all there to help you get started brewing in your own home! With 50+ beers available, you can taste to see just how much you trust their advice.

Source: Ballast Point
Source: Insurance Guy Beer Blog

5. Pizza Port Ocean Beach

A great place for families, pizza, and beer, Pizza Port is the ultimate destination. Locals tell us the macaroni cheese bites are righteous. Another Local Tip: Take your dog to the Dog Beach and come to Pizza Port afterward to relax with your furry best friend after a long day in the sun.

Source: The Wandering Gourmand
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