August 24th: More Seafood, More Beer, More Work

"Pike Place: The baby daddy of farmers markets everywhere."

We got a late start, but got to connect with some old, amazing friends in Katelyn and Pat who let us borrow their car so we could put a Tepui on Jack. 

Then, we sprinted off to KEXP and Key Area, then to coffee at Slate and cheeseburger's at Dicks, followed by a quick car accident (sorry, Katelyn and Pat!) a stop at Seattle's The Evergrey for some co-marketing discussions before heading to two of the best breweries in the city (and country): Holy Mountain and Cloudburst. From Cloudburst, it was time to stuff our faces with food and desserts at Pike Place, before hanging with Bryan at MiiR for our last shot of the day before getting down to editing.

A big thanks to Darren and Matt at Traverse, who are grinding through site-wide updates that will be pretty freakin' rad. We're launching a bottom nav to help drive more inter-guide site visits, a ton more ways to collect your email addresses across the site and a few new tactics to drive to specific features in the guides straight from the homepage and city guide pages. It's been a lot of work, and we hope it means you'll read more of our stories AND share them out with your friends! They'll be ready early next week.

Chelsey from Slate Coffee

Steve at Cloudburst

Pike Place

Bryan at MiiR

A quick note that we haven't edited all of our shots from the day, and will update with new photos/features as they're complete.

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