August 21st: The Day a Jaguar Ate the Sun

"Oh man. It was actually just cool as hell."

We woke up early to watch the sunrise over Stanley Lake, then packed up camp to catch the eclipse. Afterwards, we set off on a brutal 14 hour drive, from Stanley, Idaho to Seattle, Washington, with stops in farm towns in Idaho, gas stations in Oregon and Yakima, Washington. It was a brutal day, waking up at 6:30 AM on Sunday and getting into Seattle around 5AM PST on Monday.

Sunrise over Stanley Lake

The sunrise over Stanley Lake.
The sunrise over Stanley Lake.

Our Eclipse Crew

The eclipse crew in Stanley Lake, Idaho.
Man in Stanley Lake, Idaho.
An elderly couple sets up for the eclipse on Stanley Lake.
A woman on a boat in Stanley Lake.
A woman on a boat on Stanley Lake.

The Eclipse

The eclipse rises over Stanley Lake.
A badass eclipse rises over Stanley Lake, Idaho.
Dang look at that eclipse over Stanley, Idaho!

Stanley, ID to Seattle, WA

Jess eats chips in a Jeep in Idaho.
A guy in a hate smiles outside of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Views on a curvy roadside out towards Idaho, into Oregon.
A roadside stand selling peaches in Idaho.
A box sits on the roadside as the sunsets in Idaho.
Palisades bar and grill sells peaches on a roadside of Idaho.

Grizzly Joe in Fruitland, ID.

An old man smiles as he puts a whicker chair on a trunk. Type image caption here (optional)Type image caption here (optional)
A road going under a bridge into Oregon from Idaho.
A road heads towards the mountains of Oregon.
Windmills on a mountain side in Oregon.

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