9 Best Meals in Vancouver

Something for every foodie in Vancouver

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9 Best Meals in Vancouver

The foodie scene in Vancouver surprises visitors with a wide variety of options for every individual in your group. "The food culture is what’s keeping me here. I prioritize all of my disposable income on eating, so whether it’s at restaurants, at farmer’s markets or for great local produce, it’s just a really exciting city for food.” -Adam Chandler, BETA5

1. Chickpea

This vegan find offers Mediterranean food from a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant and a food truck on the go. Rotem and Itamar, the founders, are both self taught chefs from Israel. They fell in love with Vancouver but both agreed the city needed a little more hummus and falafel. You will feel refreshed and satisfied after a flavorful meal from these guys.

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Chickpea vegan lunch and dinner in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Rotem and Itamar founders of Chickpea, Vancouver
Lunch at Chickpea in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of the Dirt Road Travels city guide.

2. Say Hey Cafe

You can’t go wrong with a good sub. Adam Chandler, owner of BETA5 chocolates, is a huge advocate for Say Hey Cafe. “It’s a bit of a hole in the wall that's run by a couple of young guys who are in the industry. They know food and they just make really good simple well-composed sandwiches.” Whether it's for breakfast or lunch, you should make a point to visit this shop soon. We're sure it'll become your go to in no time.

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Zachary Zimmerman, owner of Say Hey Cafe in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of Dirt Road Travels city guide.
Zachary Zimmerman, Owner of Say Hey Cafe
Say Hey Cafe in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
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3. Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

“Bao Bei is a really great cafe that’s become a destination restaurant. It’s run by a lady, Tannis, who spent a lot of time in Vancouver’s Chinatown grocery shopping when she was growing up. She brought back this really modern Chinese restaurant that does everything exceptionally.” The chefs and owners of BETA5The Birds & The Beets and Ask For Luigi, all rave about the experience and cuisine at Bao Bei. When they serve up Chinese style small plates, you really can have it all. 

Check out more about Bao Bei and Tannis Ling’s local picks.

Bao Bei Chinese in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Bao Bei, Vancouver
Meal at Bao Bei in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of the Dirt Road Travels city guide.

4. The Birds & the Beets

With a quirky space in Gastown, The Birds & The Beets provides delicious food and drink in a great atmosphere. Co-owner Matt Senecal-Junkeer says his go to is the Miso Barley Bowl. What was intended to be a weekly special last year has turned into a favorite to the many that frequent this lovely spot.

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The Birds and The Beets in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
A hot meal served at The Birds & The Beets in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of Dirt Road Travels city guide.

5. Au Comptoir

The quaint and cozy atmosphere of Au Comptoir makes you feel like have just stepped into a neighborhood cafe in Paris. We would be happy to eat here any meal of the day. Whether you start the day with coffee au comptoir ("at the counter") or end it with wine and a table full of friends, you can't help but leave this place with a full belly and a smile.

Au Comptoir French food in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Source: Au Comptoir

6. Burdock & Co

"Burdock & Co is a bit of an institution in Vancouver. It's the best wine list in the city for natural wines and really, really good locally-sourced and foraged foods.” Drew Johnson, owner of Bows X Arrows, describes Burdock & Co as a Vancouver must. They capitalize on what the Canadian Pacific Northwest has to offer in order to make locally sourced and delicious meals.

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Burdock & Co in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Source: Burdock & Co

7. Harvest Community Foods

Chef JC Poirier of Ask for Luigi raves about Chef Andrea Carlson and her ramen at Harvest Community Foods. "Andrea pays attention to the details. She'll source the best ingredients, her broth is made with care, the noodles are perfectly cooked and the greens are from local farms."

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Chef Andrew Carlson for Harvest Community Foods in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Gabe Meyer, Chef at Harvest Community Foods
Harvest Community Foods in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Harvest Community Foods, Vancouver

8. Kin Kao Thai Kitchen

Zachary Zimmerman, owner of Say Hey Cafe, highly recommends making your way to Commercial Drive to hit up Kin Kao. The people of Kin Kao believe less is more and stay true to that philosophy as they prepare simple yet mouth watering dishes. The traditional Thai food prepared by executive Chef Tang Poonchai utilizes local ingredients picked daily and spices imported directly from Thailand. Pair your meal with one of the many local craft beers they have to offer!

Kin Kao Thai restaurant in Vancouver, Canada for Dirt Road Travels
Source: Kin Kao Kitchen

9. The Fish Counter

Mike McDermid and Robert Clark work hard to ensure Canada is making efforts to produce sustainable seafood. Their work at The Fish Counter is proof that they don't only talk the talk, they walk the walk. Whether grabbing a small bite, something to cook the whole family, or chowder to go - The Fish Counter is your seafood go to.

Owner of The Fish Counter in Vancouver, British Columbia kisses a fish as part of the Dirt Road Travels 9 Best Meals in Vancouver.
The Fish Counter's delicious lunch as part of the 9 best meals in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of Dirt Road Travels.

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