The Ultimate Day in Salt Lake City

For locals and tourists alike.

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Downttown Salt Lake with Mormon Temple

The Ultimate Day in Salt Lake City

Local leaders, entrepreneurs, brewers, and chefs in the city have told us what to do in Salt Lake City, so we are passing it on.

Publik Coffee Roasters

Publik Coffee is the best coffee in Salt Lake. It’s our favorite spot and we’re there all the time! The owner, Missy, is an amazing female entrepreneur.” Jainee and Lindsey, co-founder of Wylder Goods, speak very highly of Publik coffee and the people behind the business.

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Publik coffee is a local must in Salt Lake City
coffee from Publik Coffee Roasters with artistic foam

Breakfast at The Rose

Locals say The Rose is one of SLC’s best kept secrets. Hipsters and businessmen alike come to relax and hang out in The Rose Establishment. When asked to pick her favorite dish, founder Erica O’Brien could not decide but she encourages visitors to check their specials. “You’ll find some really fun and creative dishes and drinks that we won’t always have and most likely you won’t find anywhere else in Salt Lake.”

Founder, Erica O'Brien, tells her story about jumping from passion to passion before landing on The Rose.

The Rose is a local must in Salt Lake City
Brunch Bowl from The Rose in Salt Lake City.

Biking Corner Canyon

Get in those endorphins early by biking with a morning view. Corner Canyon trails overlook the city and cure any adventurer's itch to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for some fresh air and burning muscles. The four-mile moderate trail has good coverage so you will alternate between the sunbeams and the cool shade as you breeze by.

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Lunch at Laziz Kitchen

Erica O’Brien, Founder of The Rose, claims going to Laziz is “a no-brainer. You HAVE to go.” Not only are the ingredients for the menu items organic and brought from near and far to create a true Middle-Eastern meal, but their Market has items brought straight from the West Bank.

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Interior of Laziz Kitchen, which has to be part of your Ultimate Day in Salt Lake City, Utah
A meal at Laziz Kitchen, which has to be part of your Ultimate Day in Salt Lake City, Utah

Visit the Salt Lake Temple and Walk to the Capitol

For an afternoon walk, visit the extraordinary Salt Lake Temple. Whether you see it lit up by the sun during the day or spotlights at night, it is sure to be a beautiful site. You can walk around the grounds as late as 10 pm. Go feel the majestic power of the architecture and if you’re feeling up for it step into the Capitol nearby to experience more beautiful architecture and history.

Exterior of the Salt Lake Temple, a must see on your Ultimate Day in Salt Lake City

Afternoon Beers at Fisher Brewing

Locals love having Fisher Brewing for their go-to afternoon beer. You'll have everything you need with the rotating food trucks outside and the brewers working the bar to answer all of your questions. Fisher offers outdoor seating and plenty of parking for a perfect break in the action of your Ultimate Day.

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Cornhole at Fisher Brewing is a local must when planning the Ultimate day in Salt Lake City, Utah
A brewer offering a beer from Fisher Brewing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dinner at Eva

A tapas restaurant in downtown, Eva is a local favorite. Customers truly cannot decide which dish is their favorite because Eva really can’t go wrong. The alley out back creates an intimate atmosphere, prime for good conversation. The perfect destination if you're looking for an incredible meal without the overwhelming noise of a crowd.

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Dinner in the alley behind Eva in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Chicken on top of toamtoes, beans and greenery from Eva

Night Cap at Water Witch

Grabbing a drink at Water Witch will be the perfect cap to your ultimate day. Locals compare the tiny but mighty bar to SLC's version of Cheers. There are no pre-made drinks on the menu! Each cocktail is created personally for each customer. The best part? No pretension. Simply years of experience and the ultimate ingredients, all for you to enjoy!

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Water Witch Co-Founder Scott Gardner with a beverage made in a beaker
The bar at Water Witch in Salt Lake City Utah

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