A bit over a year ago, my buddy passed away. He was a healthy guy who went to bed at 27 and didn't wake up.

Around that time, I was giving everything I had to my job - a fast growing tech startup in Colorado.

I'd always wanted to travel, but never had the courage to actually go out and chase that dream. I tried, but people told me the safe path was to work hard at my job, so that's what I did. I listened to them and doubled down - putting all of my energy into the thing that was making me unhappiest.

That changed when Adam died.

I gave notice the day after his funeral, and put my savings towards that dream trip. I went south to Patagonia, then drove my car west, to the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and into Canada. Afterwards, I hiked 500 miles across the Colorado Trail - the scariest adventure I've ever had.

To have dreamed up something for so long and then to actually live it out was one of the most fulfilling feelings I've ever known.

I lived in the mountains, learned from people from all over the world, grew closer with my family and friends and fell in love.

Not following-through on that yearning - and on that calling - would have been the biggest regret of my life. And that's what this site is about.

We exist to tell the stories of those who've said, "Fuck it. I'm going to chase my passion." Whether that's by traveling, building a coffee shop, joining a band or launching a company - we're here to share the lessons of those who've gone their own way and to show you their city through their eyes.

We're calling it Dirt Road Travels because sometimes, the best people, places and experiences are just a bit off the beaten path.

With so much gratitude.

-Craig and the Dirt Road Travels team

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